janis k.

im thinking about buying this because i hate cleaning but the yelp reviews are soooo bad….
does anyone have experience with these people????

Mark L.

They did a pretty good job on my move-out cleaning a few months ago.

A R.

Does this include homes in East Bay? Like Pleasant Hill, Martinez, and Walnut Creek?

Does this include homes in East Bay? Hayward? does anyone know?

it states SF only right there in the Fine Print.

Nathan H.

Hi Janis, Nathan here from Wizard’s…Please remember that there’s two sides to each story! If there’s anything you would like explained, I’d be happy to discuss! Thanks!

Nathan H.

Hi Anthony…with this Groupon, it does not include East Bay! Sorry!

Hi Janis,
I used them with less than spectacular results. There were problems ranging from missed appointments, items broken and not telling me and not completing the job even with extra time. I would suggest extreme caution if you want to use them.

Nathan H.

Thanks Mark….Thanks Jen…

Jaime L.

I was very excited about this deal…and that I could buy several coupons…however, the reviews did scare me as well. I mean, this is is about having someone in your home…

A G.

Is this valid in San Mateo?

Can this groupon be applied to moving out cleaning?

Malcolm B.

How much can likely be cleaned in an hour. For example I only need the bathroom and kitchen area cleaned, and maybe the living room. Also can you buy only a single hours worth, or do you need to buy an entire morning or afternoon and this will help out with the first hour? Def interesting in trying the service if its flexible around my needs.

I dunno, I pay $35 an hour with my cleaning service so this seems like not such an enticing deal to me.

nicole l.

The reviews on Yelp are so horrible I decided not to buy this deal. Good luck folks!

Benjamin V.

I have used this cleaning service before. The first time I used them they were late, because they ALWAYS overbook themselves. The second time I tried to use them they did not show up at all or even call me to let me know they were not coming. I would use caution with this cleaning service.

stephanie G.

I was also about to purchase this deal when I just so happened to check these comments. I decided not to purchase based on reviews. Thank you for posting your experiences and reminding me to check Yelp!

Seth Z.

Is this Groupon valid for cleanings on Treasure Island since it is part of SF?

Would this be one person or a team? I have a 1 bedroom and I’m trying to decide if I need 1 hour or two. Thanks!

robert n.

I pay $60 for the day which includes four hours and someone in your home ya have to trust!


This is not a great deal to me at all, $35/hr per person to clean, there are plenty of good people cleaning for $15-$20 hr that are super careful, clean and courteous….

Nathan H.

A. G….sorry, this Groupon is for San Francisco County only.

Lourdes…this may be applied for move-out cleaning…Thanks

Malcolm…this Groupon is for a two person team..& you may purchase up to three (if more time is needed then the regular rate would then be applied) Thanks!

Morgan…this Groupon is for a two person team! (you would need at least two hours)

Nathan H.

Hi Stephanie…Anyone can write anything (positive or negative) about a company on Yelp and basically there’s nothing you can do, how could sfgate/Baylist a company be rated two times #1 in San Francisco and another site (Yelp) have 3.5 score? As mentioned on our website, all of Wizard’s work is 100% GUARANTEED! Thanks…

Nathan H.

Seth…you may use your Groupon on Treasure Island! Thanks…

Nathan H.

Chloe…thanks for checking out our Groupon!

Robert L.

Do they do (interior) windows?

Rebekah P.

Does this cleaning include moving-out cleaning. We have a 1200 sqaure foot 2 bed/ 2 bath apart. that we would need cleaned.

Nathan H.

Robert L…(yes, we do interior windows)

Rebekah P…(this Groupon does include move-out cleaning) thanks!

Nathan H.

Shaelene…(thanks for checking out our Groupon!)

Julia U.

how many hours would a 2bd/2ba take? I tried looking on the website but estimates and hours are not up. I understand its a two person team

Kevin P.

Do you serve Burlingame?

Helen S.

Hi Nathan,
Is the best way to correspond, through email or phone? If so, what is your email? Thanks.

Nathan H.

Hi Julia..(you would need at least three hours and possibly more, depending on the last time your place was professionally cleaned)

Kevin…(today’s Groupon is for San Francisco County only, sorry!) but we do serve Burlingham!

Hi Helen…(sorry if you’ve had a hard time trying to reach me today, but email is best…nathan@wizardcleanteam.com) or you could send email from website…click on contact us…thanks

Kate G.

On your Wizard website under in the “Cleaning Services Offered” section nothing mentions vacuuming – do you guys vacuum?!?

Hi Paul… it’s Sam from Groupon. We’ve been asking our users over the past couple of months to tell us where they are located so that we can provide them with features that are closer to where they live/work/etc. If we know you are in the Eastbay, then you’ll receive promotions for Eastbay features. If you go to your account, under “My Profile”, you’ll see us ask for gender, zip code, etc. Please update that info and you should start getting features that are located in the Eastbay (or peninsula, etc). We’re doing our best to present you with interesting things close by, please help us do so by lettting us know more about you. With out that info, we can only guess that you want San Francisco features, since that is what you signed up for when you first joined Groupon. Thanks!

Katherine W.

Hii Nathan, I quickly looked on your website and there is no information (that I saw) about the times your cleaning service operates. Must I be home the entire time you are working, or only to let your team in? Additionally, if I were to completely clean a one-bedroom apartment (cleaned on a regular basis, but not professionally), how many hours should I purchase?

Roham G.

Wow: some very, very bad reviews on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/wizards-clean-team-san-francisco

You can get 3-4 hours of cleaning for $80-100 easily in SF, so I don’t know what these Wizards people are thinking. I pay $80 for my four-bedroom, 3 bath pac heights condo..


I’ve used these guys a few times now, and am always happy with their cleaning services. I use yelp all the time, but tend to take the reviews with a grain of salt. I would feel comfortable referring a friend to Wizards. Just my 2 cents.

Yikes!! Too risky. I trust Yelpers and fellow Groupon buyers— it sounds like Wizards doesn’t have 100% satisfaction.

Rick R.

There are two sides to every story. This is my side: We had these two guys show up to clean. A few days later we noticed our vacuum missing. They had taken it, by accident, when they packed up! After failing to bring it back to us, we set up an appointment to go pick it up at some address- and no one was there! We went back again and finally got it. All together, this took three weeks. To “make it up to us” they gave us a coupon for 20% off any future services. FUTURE SERVICES? Really? Good luck everyone…

Nathan H.

Hi Kate….(yes, we do vacuum)

Hi Katherine, (my estimate would to purchase three hours)

r G…thanks for your comment

THANKS ALEXIS FOR YOUR COMMENT…(appreciate your honest opinion)

@robert n – where the heck did you find THAT deal?!

Nathan H.

Katherine…(we work seven days a week, nights, holidays & weekends with prior notice) from 8:00-6:00 pm


I was looking at todays groupon, and by accident purchaced it. I do not intend to use it, and it was charged to my credit card. How can I be reimbursed? Please advise.

Thank you,


I’ve used Wizard’s a couple of times over the last few years and have always been more than satisfied with their work. They have always done a great job! I’m glad they are on Groupon now… time to get my place cleaned up again!

Nathan H.

Hi Ti Z…(you may purchase three GROUPONS) thanks

Nathan H.

Jeff….(thanks for your comment!)

Nathan H.

Eileen…(you will have to speak with GROUPON customer service department, concerning this matter) Please contact them!

Robert N. and r G. – Where’d you find such amazing prices? I pay $100 for a 2 bd/2 ba (takes a 2 person team 1.5-2 hrs).

Joseph H.

Does anyone know how do we tip them for an hour? Or do we have to?

Jenni L.

Hi Nathan – I purchased the Groupon and have sent you an email to set up service for next week. I have tried calling and your vm box is full. Can you please respond either via email or phone and let me know whether you are available as I will to book another cleaning service if you are not?


Jenni L.

Hi Nathan – I purchased the Groupon and have sent you an email to set up service for next week. I have tried calling and your vm box is full. Can you please respond either via email or phone and let me know whether you are available as I will to book another cleaning service if you are not?


elena n.

Hello Nathan, I tried calling a tonns of times and your box is full. How come you don’t check messages? If we purchase your servieces shouldn’t we have a chance to at least leave you a message? Do advise how to schedule an appointment and please do check your messages :)

Dorothy L.

Just two cents on my experience: tried calling Wizard day after Groupon and got full voicemail (the first of many, many more to come). Called several more times during the day before reaching live person, who directed me to online inquiry section of homepage. Submitted online inquiry on 9/14 and it took until 9/21 for a response (only after 2nd attempt to resubmit online inquiry). The response came in the form of a separate “link” to submit appointment requests through an online calendar system. The calendar displays which dates and times are available for scheduling appts. Submitted request for date and time that was available on their link for the following week, waited three days for confirmation but instead received a “cancellation” notice because it was unavailable. Then submitted 2 new requests for separate appointment dates (at least a couple of weeks into the future) which were also displayed on their calendar as “available;” waited a few more days until today to receive 2 more “cancellations” of my appointment requests. In summary, it took a week to receive a “link” to schedule appointments, and another week to have all 3 appointment requests cancelled.

Nathan H — suggest that you clean out the voicemail box and focus on demand management rather than responding to online blogs. Businesses that can’t handle volume or scale have no business being promoted through this channel or elsewhere.

Sian P.

This company is a joke. I initially spoke to Nathan and he asked that I use the online calendar to schedule the cleaning, which I did. I was immediately informed that this appointment would not be confirmed until I heard back from them. A week went by with no communication. I emailed Nathan three days prior to my appointment, and then again a day before. I finally received the email confirmation the morning of my appointment. About two hours before the scheduled time, I received a call from Tim (?) at Wizard’s cancelling my appointment either because of a power outage or a car breakdown – he gave me both reasons, so not sure which – if any – are true.
Tim then told me I would have to reschedule via the online calendar, meaning it would be weeks before I got another appointment. At this point I was incredibly frustrated and asked Tim to reschedule my appointment himself as he was the one that cancelled. Tim then rescheduled the appointment for the following week.
Well, the day shows up and I waited, and waited, and waited. As previously mentioned on here, no one answered their phone and there was no way to leave a message as the VM is full. I have since sent Nathan two emails and have yet to hear why no one showed up at my appointment, nor did I receive a call or email to cancel it.
Anyone have any tips for getting a refund? This is ridiculous.

elena n.

Hello Groupon! How do we get a refund?? These people do not anwser their phone.

I schedule an appointment twice via their online schedule and both times my appointment was canceled! I have an injury that makes it difficult to even wash the dishes, so I told them I really needed their help. Still, no apology, no explanation—nothing! My business also uses and online scheduler AND is also on Yelp (since 2005, with a 5 star rating), and I’ve found that the only time people write negative reviews is when they either have some sort of agenda or they are crazy (which fortunately is rare), or we really screw up (which fortunately is also rare).

Nathan, you’ve screwed up. You should just admit it.

sienna k.

I have tried calling to set up an appointment everyday the past 2 weeks and keep getting “full voicemal”. What gives? Is this an actual company or do I have the wrong number or something?

Brian H.

These people have not returned my email and voicemail from 2 weeks ago, we should get out money back!

Please, write up your experiences on Yelp as well. You may help prevent someone else from going through what you are.

kyle j.

Just got my refund. What waste of my time this experience was. Never using wizard clean team services, and possibly groupon’s as well.

Silvia C.

Hi Groupon. I also want a refund for the 3 groupons I bought. After I finally got an answer from them, they say they won’t be able to clean my House until January next year! This is not acceptable for a cleaning service! I would understand a 2 weeks wait because of the amount of work they got from Groupon, but almost 3 months? This is so not right!
Please send my my refund.

Silvia C.

Good thing that Groupon offers a great costumer service! I just got my Groupon refund notification! Thanks Groupon!

Gregory G.

I am about to do a chargeback… 2 phone calls and an email. Still no response.


Gregory G.

This place is a joke:

Dear Gregory Garver,

Your appointment with Wizard’s Clean Team has been cancelled.

- Reason -

Due to technical glitch on our online scheduler, Wizard’s Clean Team calendar has been tripled booked. We’re sorry for any inconvience this may cause, however, the correct schedule should be available, for you to make necessary changes, to your original appointment.
Note: (With no negligence of our own)

<hr />

1 Hour Home Cleaning
Schedule: Groupon Cleaning Appointments (valid thru 9/1)
Date: Wednesday 26 January 2011
Time: 12:30 pm
Duration: 1h 30m

Click the following link to review and/or modify this appointment:

<hr />


  • Appointment is for 1 hour cleaning service and, for scheduling purposes only, includes 30 additional minutes (for staff travel time to next appointment) at no extra cost = (1h 30min)
<hr /> <hr />


  • You will receive a confirmation email usually 2 to 7 days, but not less than 24 hours before the time you have requested for your appointment. Until you receive this confirmation, the status of your appointment will still be pending.
  • We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations.
<hr /> <hr />

Use the following link for new appointments:

Waited six months (?!) for an appointment and they didn’t show. No emails or phone calls have been returned. I should have known by their craptastic website that this was not a good deal, but I like to root for the underdog. I guess the lesson learned is that sometimes, the underdog is just a dog.

It sucks that Groupon has to eat returns on this one. I hope they find a way to collect from Nathan, whom I believe is a bot who would fail a Turing test if it actually ever returned an email or phone call.

Elena M.

I have purchased this deal and would like to use it, but when I go to their website the page shows me no availability for the next 2 months! and no way to show me the schedule for September. My deal expires in the middle of september. Please help!

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