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How Groupon+ Works

Groupon+ lets you earn cash back when you use your linked credit card at participating local businesses. There's nothing to print out or bring in and deals can be claimed on our website or wherever you are via our mobile app. Don’t have the mobile app? Download it here.

Find and Claim Deals


Groupon Plus Deal Location

Your card is linked to certain Groupon+ deals just by enrolling an eligible card in Groupon+. In addition, you can find Groupon+ deals by browsing our food and drink deals or searching for restaurants near you. Groupon+ deals are labeled with a blue "Groupon+" and list the rate of cash back you'll receive.

Go Again, Save Again at Local Merchants


After you redeem a Groupon at certain merchants, you’ll automatically unlock cash back rewards on return visits. Just use an enrolled credit card on your account. 

  • Start earning cash back 6 hours after you redeem your Groupon. 
  • Earn cash back on any of the merchant’s products and services.

Earn Cash Back


Cash Back Location


When you pay with your linked Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card at the participating business, you’ll automatically receive cash back on your credit card statement—no voucher required.

  • If you’re using a debit card, the charge must be processed as a credit card to qualify for cash back.
  • Use a deal as many times as you want until it expires. Cash back rates may vary.

Find Your Groupon+ Homebase 

You can review your claimed deals, enrolled cards, and cash-back balance in your account under My Groupon+ Deals.

  • You’ll see the total amount of cash back you earned automatically on mobile, and can find it on web by selecting Transaction Summary.
  • You’ll see the expiration dates of your cash back offers.
  • You can also see a breakdown of each transaction you made at a participating business—and how much cash back you earned—by selecting View Transactions.
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