How Trade In Works

We always hope you enjoy the deal you purchase, but if you change your mind about it, Trade In lets you swap it out for something brand new. When you trade in a voucher, you’ll receive Groupon Bucks you can use immediately to buy a different Local deal. That means it's no problem if, after sleeping on it, you decide you'd rather get a massage than take an MMA class after all.


Trading In Your Voucher

Due to current circumstances surrounding the spread of COVID-19, Local Groupons that are not Final Sale will be eligible for self-service Trade In through your voucher's expiration date. 

To Trade In your voucher:
  1. Go to your My Groupons page on our website or mobile app. Don't have the mobile app? Download it here.
  2. Select View Details.
  3. To trade in, select the Trade In Voucher link.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You’ll then exchange your voucher for an amount of Groupon Bucks equal to the amount that you paid for the deal. 

Trade In Windows

  • New vouchers must be purchased within 60 days of Trade In, unless otherwise specified by Groupon.
  • If you start a Trade In but don’t find another deal to buy within 60 days, and the end of that 60-day period is before the promotional value expiration date, we’ll put your original voucher back in your account.
  • If you start a Trade In, but don’t find another deal to buy within 60 days, and the end of that 60-day period is after the promotional value expiration date, only the amount paid for the voucher will be restored.
  • Check out our Trade In Eligibility FAQ for more information about when your deal is eligible for Trade In.

Good to Know

  • Any voucher you select for Trade In is ineligible for redemption during the Trade-In Window.
  • If the new deal you decide to get is less expensive than the deal you traded in, the difference in price is yours to keep in Groupon Bucks and will be treated the same as Groupon Bucks issued as part of a refund. There will be no value restored to those vouchers.
  • If the new deal is more expensive, you’ll just pay the balance at checkout.
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