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Using Expired Groupons

Location of Credit Vouchers

We've worked with our merchants to extend availability and expiration dates wherever possible. Select this link to learn more about expiration extension.

Redeeming an Expired Groupon

Using your expired Groupon is a lot like using a regular Groupon.
  1. Find your expired voucher on your My Groupons page, under Credit Vouchers (on the website) or Expired (on the mobile app). Don’t have the mobile app? Download it here.
  2. The amount you paid for the voucher can still be used at the business toward the purchase of the goods or services originally advertised in the deal. Just show the voucher to the merchant.
For example, if you paid $10 for $20 worth of food at a local restaurant, after expiration, your Groupon is still valid for $10 worth of food at that restaurant. Learn more about promotional value vs. paid value here.

Good to Know

  • Visit our FAQ pages to learn more about using expired GrouponLive vouchers and using expired Groupon Getaways vouchers.
  • Your expired voucher must be redeemed towards the goods or services offered on the Groupon you bought.
  • Some deals, such as ticketed events, may not have any paid value after expiration. 
  • If the paid value has an expiration date, you can find that info in the Fine Print.
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