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1976 Bicentennial Washington Quarter Highlighted in 24K Gold

Verified Purchaser
May 3, 2018
It's a awesome display along with the coin is beautiful and a fine collection for the price thank you.

1960s U.S. Coin and Stamp Collection

Verified Purchaser
May 6, 2018
Outstanding coins and beautiful for my collection thank you so much Groupon.

US State Quarter Collector Set (9-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
February 10, 2017
Bought for granddaughter to learn her states. Hopefully by looking for the quarter to go with the state will help her.

9/11 Anniversary Tribute Coin Set

Verified Purchaser
May 2, 2017
I thought it was a great piece of history and something that will never be forgotten.

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Collectible coins and paper money can serve as a window to bygone historical eras, as well as provide a novel way to commemorate an event. Groupon stocks an ever-rotating supply of cash-based collectibles that appeals to any numismatist. Whether you're shopping for a gift for the history buff in the family or need the perfect pop-culture keepsake, you can find what you're looking for by expanding the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Historic Coins

There are basically two types of historic coins—the kind of individual commemorative coins that record history as it's happening, and the kind that actually hails from historic eras. On Groupon, you can find both. Specially minted coins featuring current and past presidents can be found alongside coins from the past, such as buffalo nickels and Indian head pennies. Precious metal coins ups the value of these pieces with plating materials such as silver and gold.

Pop Culture Pieces

Paper currency is easy to convert into pop art pieces. Groupon offers a plethora of colorful transformations, including signed $2 bills decorated in Star Trek, Batman, or baseball themes. Coin sets are another great place to find icons of culture, such as a spread of young Elvises on half-dollars. Quite often, rare coins pay tribute to heroes such as Muhammad Ali.