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Star Wars Collectible Darth Vader Edition 23K Gold Card Set (9-Piece)

Lisa Marie
Verified Purchaser
January 8, 2020
I gave these to my husband for Christmas, but I split the pack into 2 gifts, for twice the surprises & smiles! Great addition to my husband’s Star Wars memorabilia collection!

NFL Team Helmet Logo 24K Gold Plated 1976 IKE US Dollar Coin

Verified Purchaser
July 3, 2019
This 24kt Gold plated Pittsburgh Steeler Eisenhower dollar, is not only Uncirculated but in excellent condition, & will only appreciate in value over time. It’s a perfect gift for an avid NFL sports fan

Harry Potter Heroes and Villains UK Legal Tender Coins (10-Piece)

JeAnna M Lewis
Verified Purchaser
November 5, 2019
These coins are very ornate. They are quite interesting and somewhat attractive to view. Now that I have such a nice set for myself I think i will order a set for each of my sons.

Rency Spiderman Colorized U.S. $2 Bill

Verified Purchaser
May 16, 2019
Was a gift for my niece. She was completely mesmerized by this Spiderman $2 bill. The smile on her face was all worth it. Even though this isn't my sort of thing, it looked a lot better in person. If I could find one of these that is to my liking, I would buy one or more myself.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Genuine Two-Dollar Bill

Verified Purchaser
October 22, 2019
Absolutely gorgeous art work and a great gift for the collector of coins and limited edition/interesting bills. Would highly recommend it for anyone that collects or has a family member/friend that does.

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A collection is never truly complete—but as any collector will tell you, that's the best part. Whether you're gift-shopping for someone's hobby (or feeding your own), Groupon rounds up an always-changing selection of the most popular types of collectibles, including sports memorabilia, coins, paper money, pop culture figurines, and even historical memorabilia.

Collectible Coins

Numismatics is the technical term for the study of coins and paper money, and Groupon accommodates numismatists of all denominations. Newcomers to the field can flesh out their collections with coin sets and storage accessories. More entrenched hobbyists, however, can seek out individual coins—including rare and precious-metal finds like a pack of gold-plated original Lincoln wheat pennies—by filtering for both price and mint. Paper-money collectibles tend to be much more colorful (literally) with hand-painted bills commemorating everything from the Declaration of Independence to Star Wars.

Sports Memorabilia

There's a sports collectible out there with your name on it, assuming your name's John Elway. Sports memorabilia is all about the autograph, whether it's scribbled across a baseball, football helmet, basketball jersey, hockey puck, gold-dipped card, or photograph. As a result, ardent fans can accent their man-caves with everything from a panorama of Michael Jordan dazzling the crowd at the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest to a signed photo of Florida State coach Bobby Bowden.