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Pancake and Cupcake Batter Dispenser

Verified Purchaser
June 15, 2019
The size and quality of the construction is great. I only wish there was a way of determining the size of each squeeze other than eyeballing it. It does have measurement guides on the side but not for let's say a cookie or brownie. Overall it's good for the price and I'm not sad I bought it.

Manual Food Processor Set (4-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
April 15, 2019
I really like the chopper, I had a cheaper version before that broke and I ordered this one. This one has 5 blades which chopped my onions, garlic and ginger evenly and finely. It is way better than my older one. Must buy for everyone who cooks.

Grania ES-001 Original Egg Stripper

Verified Purchaser
March 24, 2018
Eggcellent peeler! I'm glad I followed their instructions because cooking eggs is a little different from what I'm used to do, but probably for a reason because it worked great! I needed dozen eggs for my pickled eggs recipe. I shook 4 at the time, since eggs were extra large. It took me literally seconds to peel them. Don't tighten too much to close!! First time I used it, I closed it to hard and it was a little challenging to open, maybe water had something to do with sealing it, but next two times I didn't tighten as much and it was perfect. Totally worth the money to save the time and hassle peeling them by hand.

Reusable Glass Straws (5-Pack) with Cleaning Brush

Verified Purchaser
April 15, 2019
I didn't know if I would like using glass straws but decided to try since plastic straws are creating a problem in our oceans with the whales, dolphins or seals. To my surprise I like them a lot and consider this a good purchase.

Grania ES-001 Original Egg Stripper

Verified Purchaser
March 23, 2018
I just used my new Egg Stripper and love it! I After reading the instructions and even watched the companies video on their web site it worked amazing! I make tons of hard boiled eggs each week and it takes only seconds to peel.. What a great item. I literally just peeled 20 eggs, so fast. Sending my Mom one of these as she will love it.