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TENS Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager with Pads

Verified Purchaser
January 29, 2019
I just got it last night and tried it immediately. It was easy to operate and even though its battery operated the level 6 was definitely powerful enough that it felt much higher. The instructions were easy to understand and the fact that they included the batteries and an extra set of pads was a bonus. I recommend it.

Electric Heated Foot Warmer by Bluestone

Verified Purchaser
October 4, 2018
This the best heating pad for my peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I use the low or med. And it does the job regular heating pads are way to hot. Highly recommend.

TENS Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager with Pads

Verified Purchaser
November 26, 2018
I just received my TENS Unit yesterday. Last night I used it for the first time. It felt so wonderful, I didn't want to take it off my back! It really helped me. I wish I had purchased it long before now.

Massage Products for Every Area, Every Day on Groupon

After a long day—or heck, even a short one—you deserve a break. While Groupon is always a great resource for booking massages in your area, we also stock a wide range of massage products for relieving stress and relaxing at home. Our ever-changing inventory contains all kinds of at-home massage and relaxation items that can boost your overall health by helping you live a life with less stress and less pain.

Where Does It Hurt?

Sometimes, only a part of your body is suffering from tension or pain. If you've been standing on your feet all day, sink them into a foot and leg massager. Feeling a headache coming? Slip on a head massager. Achy in the shoulders or arms? A handheld massager will likely do the trick, letting you reach the affected areas with ease.

All-Over Care

Maybe it's just been that sort of a day where everything hurts. In those cases, a massage chair can feel like a throne, targeting muscles along your back, neck, shoulders, and legs in a variety of patterns. For especially hands-off relaxing at home, pulse massagers conveniently address pain anywhere on the body; just stick the pads onto wherever it aches and control the pads' pulses with a remote.

Enhance the Experience

As you sit back and relax, consider adding an extra touch of bliss to your at-home massage with accessories such as sleep masks, neck pillows, and acupressure mats. A good place to start? Aromatherapy products from top brands such as ZAQ or NOW. No matter the massage products you're using, filling a diffuser with water and essential oils adds both sinus-relieving humidity and a relaxing aroma to the experience.