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Dictionary Book Safes with Key Lock - Multiple Sizes Available

Verified Purchaser
July 15, 2019
I like that I can put this on my bookshelf and it blend in. The quality is o.k. Whenever I close the lock box part of it there is a small gap and you can see inside the box. Nothing falls out, but if someone was snooping around they would easily find out I keep a pearl necklace in there.

Digital Electronic Safe Box Wall Jewelry Cash Various Colors

Verified Purchaser
April 7, 2019
I haven’t used it yet bc The batteries didn’t work, so I had to use the master key while I’m getting them. The rest fine...

Stalwart Electronic Digital Gun and Valuables Safe

Verified Purchaser
July 13, 2019
Not sure I dig the idea of having to use the passcode AND the key everytime. I guess I misread and thought it was one or the other. Other than that slight inconvenience, it seems solid & secure.

Stalwart Electronic Digital Gun and Valuables Safe

Verified Purchaser
May 30, 2018
Great little gun safe. I easily store and access 4 or 5 pistols + ammo. Love it.