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ReadeRest Magnetic Eyewear and Accessories Holder (2-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
March 21, 2019
Caveat, I've only used them one day and not for their intended use but I really liked it. I use them to hang my work badges. I was worried it wouldn't be strong enough to hold the weight and I have a stretch cord that I pull my badges away from my body to badge in and tgen the cord recoil and the magnets are so strong they could take that force and stay put. I hope it lasts. I think it will.

LUXE Metal-Frame Biker-Style Aviator Sunglasses with Thick Temples

Verified Purchaser
June 9, 2018
My avaitor are exactly what I was shopping for.Being a farmer I have grown weary of typical color glass with rhese. Gold lens the details of everything is much greater while still keeping harmful Uv rays at bay.

Gino Vitale Polarized Unisex Sunglasses

Verified Purchaser
July 1, 2019
The Sunglasses are ok, they are light weight, and pretty. However the connection between glasses and ear piece seems very fragile, so I’m going to wear them only ‘safe’ places like café, or when driving a car, but not to the beach and kids play-structure. The box and the case, that the glasses have arrived in are very comfy and sturdy though.

ReadeRest Magnetic Eyewear and Accessories Holder (2-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
October 27, 2018
I love these! They’re easy to use, have a very strong magnet and they keep me from misplacing my glasses at work because I’m always changing from glasses to loupes between patients.

Gino Vitale Polarized Sunglasses

Verified Purchaser
June 23, 2019
Very nice i had me prescription put in the frames.. Thanks Groupon..