Learning in Brighton

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  • Sylvan Learning Center
    The staff members at Sylvan Learning's numerous centers understand that each child learns differently. Therefore, they don?t try to implement a uniform tutoring system; instead, they design custom lesson programs based on the results of a skills assessment using diagnostic tools and one-on-one interviews. Tutors work with students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, illuminating topics ranging from basic reading and writing to remembering complex algebraic formulas without having them tattooed on your chest. Many of Sylvan?s instructors work in local schools, so they are intimately familiar with common curricula and understand how to gear lessons toward optimal results. Camps and after-school and summer classes can ready high-schoolers for the rigors of the ACT or the SAT, or they can help students to wow college-admissions officers with their superior essay-writing skills.
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    1626 Beacon Street
    Brookline, MA US
  • Paul Green School of Rock
    The faculty members at the School of Rock believe that immersion is the best way to learn any new skill, which is why they don’t just teach students how to traverse the notes and rhythms of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals in isolation. In addition to teaching students the technical skills during one-on-one lessons, the professional music instructors push them to fuse their individual parts into songs during full band practices with fellow beginner rockers. This combination of one-on-one attention and cooperative group learning helps kids of all skill levels hone their craft while overcoming common pitfalls such as stage fright or playing off-tempo. As kids learn to shred riffs, pound out drum solos, and summon Ronnie James Dio by hitting the correct vibrato atop a silver mountain, the classes build their confidence and kick-start a lifetime of loving rock 'n' roll.
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    120 Elm St
    Watertown, MA US
  • Art School # 99
    Fine Art Poker School finely combs through the basics of Texas hold 'em, honing play strategies in four-hour sessions led by expert instructors. Classes are limited to 10 players, fostering individual suggestions and round-by-round hand analysis. Gain confidence at parent-teacher tournaments by knowing the hand rankings, rounds of play, etiquette, and classic bluff scowls by heart. The Improving Your Online Poker Play seminar spans a variety of common questions on the subject, including where to play and the reasons why most people lose at online poker. Students learn strategic betting tactics to avoid future ante issues and dissect professional-grade software to increase personal odds and feel confident suggesting spade-shaped casserole recipes.
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    99 Franklin St.
    Allston, MA US
  • Boston College
    The Boston College Eagles are set to shred the competition with their metaphorical talons next month when they kick off their season with home games against the Weber State Wildcats and Kent State. Although the Eagles were treacherously swindled out of the Emerald Bowl title last year by the cunning Trojans, this year?s roster is stocked with talented players who are ready to lead the way to victory with aerodynamic skull armor and bubblegum-flavored mouthguards. You'll get lower end-zone views of the tackling, throwing, and funcitement.
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    140 Commonwealth Ave.
    Chestnut Hill, MA US
  • Athenahealth
    New York Sports Clubs, part of Town Sports International's network of fitness loci, opens up a number of equipment-stocked facilities across New York to exercisers. Strength-training gear, such as circuit machines, free weights, and medicine balls, molds muscles into chiseled depictions of physical might. Sessions on cardio machines, ranging from treadmills and ellipticals to upright and recumbent stationary bicycles, inspire burnt calories to pack up and move to cooler climates. Each club offers a schedule of group classes that draws from more than 100 fitness styles, including Pilates, yoga, and boxing, ensuring that no member has to jazzercise without a spotter. Each location rewards exercisers for sweating in its vicinity with special features such as babysitting, saunas, and steam rooms.
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    311 Arsenal St
    Watertown, MA US
  • TESOL Boston; Target International Student Center
    At Target International Student Center, instructors follow an internationally accredited language program to impart the finer points of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) to small classes of around 10 participants looking to teach overseas or at home. Sixty hours of in-class learning and 60 hours of online specialization courses yield a teaching certificate recognized by the United States, many international institutions, and all three NASA Mars rovers. Target International's TESOL course also sharpens skills through a supervised teaching practicum and provides course graduates with lifetime access to a global college job bank. Entrance interviews are required prior to the beginning of class, during which prospective students display their lust for language by speed-eating several bowls of alphabet soup.
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    1105 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA US