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  • Owl Cleaners
    Owl Cleaners accommodates dry-cleaning needs for on-the-go customers with a range of clothing freshening. Impress a job interviewer with freshly pressed getup rather than rapid-fire knock-knock jokes by laundering wrinkled dress pants ($8.78), a button-down shirt ($3.09), or a two-piece suit ($16.75). For domestic deterging, deft bedding de-blotchers aerate double bedspreads ($31.45) and double comforters ($31.44). Short dresses ($16.76 each) or plain long gowns ($35.64 each) fix up for a night on the town, and smoke- and fire-damage restoration services can erase evidence of attempts to court firemen. Dry-cleaning orders enjoy free pickup and delivery, as do laundry orders with at least a quintet of shirts. Owl Cleaners delights in providing a quote for any uncommon or uncommonly smudged article in need of special care.
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    20510 Route 19
    Cranberry Twp, PA US
  • Metro Dry Cleaners
    A member of the Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association, Metro Dry Cleaners rejects harmful detergents and instead, cleans with organic solvents, which prevent shrinking and extend the life of clothing much like doing laundry in the Fountain of Youth. Dexterous dry cleaners can revitalize suits (up to $15.85), dresses (up to $12.91), and winter coats (up to $13.33), or use their expertise to deep clean household items such as drapes (up to $20) or comforters ($24.79?$42.18). Free pick-up and drop-off services to local areas helps customers enjoy crisp, clean clothes on the same or next day, in other words: faster than the speed at which electricity flows through copper wiring.
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    20111 route 19
    Cranberry Township, PA US
  • Imperial Cleaners, Inc.
    Since 1958, the garment gurus at Imperial Cleaners, Inc. have rendered duds spick and span through a full menu of dry-cleaning and restoration services. Owners can drop off possessions ranging from suits and wedding gowns to bedding and draperies for a professional cleaning, an improvement over unprofessional techniques such as gluing your wardrobe to your car and driving it through a car wash. The team also specializes in emergency restoration services, responding quickly to deal with the damage caused by fire, water, and smoke.
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    5320 William Flynn Hwy.
    Gibsonia, PA US
  • Martinizing Dry Cleaning
    The friendly textile technicians at Martinizing Dry Cleaning purify vestments with a bevy of eco-friendly, frock-freshening services. The shop's professional staff will confront any stain using strong words and all the dirt-scattering ammo in its arsenal, helping to ensure that once-grimy garments return clean and smelling sweeter than a pancake house run by gingerbread men. Customers can drop off sullied duds, such as sweat-soaked suits ($14.41), slovenly sweaters ($6.68), scummy slacks ($7.39), and petrified polos ($5.40), and the professional cloth cleansers will clean, dry, and fold them into clean, creaseless origami cranes. Martinizing Dry Cleaning further expresses its commitment to a clean world by employing the nontoxic, nonhazardous GreenEarth dry-cleaning process, relying on biodegradable products and water management to leave threads stainless in both fiber and conscience. For dirty shirts on the go, soil expungers offer a rush service upon request, and the fresh factory keeps its doors open seven days a week, even during leap years.
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    12023 Perry Hwy
    Wexford, PA US
  • Four Seasons Dry Cleaners
    White delivery vans scrawled with purple and teal lettering roll into driveways twice a week, hauling dirty clothes away and returning them clean and fresh. The magic happens at Four Seasons's Squirrel Hill headquarters, where a second-generation owner helms an array of dry and water-based cleaning services. He and his cleaning team inspect each piece to single out stains before subjecting them to a dry-cleaning machine with organic-based fluid and other eco-friendly techniques. During their specialty Execu-Shirt regimen, techs hand-scrub collars and cuffs, replace missing buttons, and quiz them on Fortune 500 companies before ironing and folding or hanging them. They also tailor ripped seams and sagging hemlines, store furs in a temperature-controlled vault, and preserve wedding gowns with a museum-style, acid-free protection process.
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    1716 Murray Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA US
  • Nu-Life Cleaners and Shirt Lndry
    The family that owns and operates Nu-Life Cleaners founded the business 58 years ago, back when it was still considered improper to acknowledge the existence of stains. Today, the clan continues to purge filth from dresses, coats, and sweaters, and even clean, press, and package bridal gowns to help them last until your next wedding.
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    5613 Hobart St
    Pittsburgh, PA US

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