Hair Restoration in Chilliwack

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  • Laser Health Centre
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_CA title: Laser Health Centre facet_type_id: 81d00760-5f41-1032-bfbd-6c69ac37a523 html_text: Laser Health Centre's certified beam-wielders lasers in rejuvenating cosmetic procedures, drug-free pain relief, and behavioural-modification regimens for substance abuse and smoking cessation. Staff members customize treatments to suit each patient, and in-office laser therapy may be reinforced by take-home nutritional supplements. An exclusive diet plan paired with laser therapy tackles weight-loss goals, and light-based medicine enhances the mind-soothing stress-relief program.
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    9270 Main St.
    Chilliwack, BC CA
  • Couture Body Concepts
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_CA title: Couture Body Concepts facet_type_id: fc83ce00-5f33-1032-8f9b-c4b1c492220a html_text: With an arsenal of modern medspa technology at its disposal, Couture Body Concepts provides nonsurgical alternatives to traditional cosmetic concerns. The center's signature body-sculpting service uses a laser-lipo system to create svelte figures while concealing signs of wrinkles or cellulite deposits. During these treatments, laser light energy bombards the fatty tissues and causes the cells to release their contents of water and triglycerides, which are then naturally whisked away by the body's lymphatic system. This shrinking of the cells helps improve the skin tone and texture across the face, torso, or limbs, all without resorting to invasive surgical methods or mystical body-swapping spells. Additionally, Couture Body Concepts rejuvenates clients by using medical skin needling to jump-start the production of skin-firming collagen, supplies popular weight-loss supplements, and uses hair-replication therapy with micropigmentation to mimic the look of hair follicles and a full head of hair.
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    14-20555 56th Ave
    Langley, BC CA
  • Aesthetic Laser Group
    Aesthetic Laser Group’s lasers can blast away unwanted strands around the body in pulsed-light hair-removal sessions, or try to restore growth on the scalp in medical-grade laser biostimulation treatments, which cause permanent hair reduction. When not aiming focused beams of light, staff performs injectable cosmetic treatments, oversees Zoom! teeth whitening, and applies instantly drying Biosculpture nails, among other services.
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    111-7322 King George
    Surrey, BC CA
  • Laser Era Clinic & Spa
    Framed prints of flowers hang on dark, burgundy walls, illuminated by light cast from a curved, modern floor lamp. Between them, leather couches and chairs sit waiting to cradle visitors with their wraparound backs and arms. Cream carpeting gives way to tiled flooring as visitors make their way from the waiting area to treatment rooms—and while they walk, they follow in the footsteps of elite clients that include Ravi Bansal, the 2009 Miss Universe Canada contestant. Within treatment nooks in their locations in Vancouver and Surrey, therapists refine skin and ease tension through a range of services that include massages, laser hair reduction, microdermabrasion, permanent makeup, mani-pedis, and weight-loss treatments, among others. The Compu-Lift machine is one of many star technologies at the med spa, infusing the face with ultrasonic vibration and microcurrents in order to oxygenate skin and counteract signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots that spell out your birth year.
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    6225 Victoria Dr.
    Vancouver, BC CA
  • SIR 101 Hair Restoration Specialists
    Back in 1963, there weren't many options for men and women in western Canada who were suffering from hair loss. Knowing that people couldn't easily travel to big cities or ZZ Top’s lair to find solutions to their hair growth problems, Harry Beleshko decided to create SIR 101 Hair Restoration Specialists so he could bring internationally cultivated expertise to their doorsteps. Beleshko journeyed to Hollywood, Europe, Asia, and other locations across the globe, training with industry professionals and seeking out the latest products and techniques. Today, Beleshko and his team of medical professionals, laser therapists, hair-replacement technicians, and hair stylists bring together those years of research and travel, offering more experience and a smaller, more boutique-like feel than many international hair-loss firms. They perform a variety of advanced medical and cosmetic treatments, including laser hair therapy, topical formulas, and hair replacement or transplantation.
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    400 - 1401 West Broadway
    Vancouver, BC CA
  • Dr. Beheshti Advanced Medical Esthetics
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_CA title: Dr. Beheshti Advanced Medical Esthetics facet_type_id: 1a835e30-5f42-1032-beff-8a3e638a5014 html_text: At Dr. Beheshti Advanced Medical Esthetics, looks and health go hand-in-hand. That's because Dr. Parvaneh Beheshti taps into both her medical and cosmetic backgrounds to administer a range of services that better clients' appearances and health, such as microdermabrasion, mole removal, and weight-loss programs. She also spruces up exteriors with renowned treatments including Latisse, Botox, and Venus Freeze, a skin-tightening treatment featured on The Doctors and The Real Housewives of Vancouver.
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    108 - 2419 Bellevue Ave.
    West Vancouver, BC CA