It is funny how, throughout the years, one seems to adjust to the mundane routine of life. Although there are plenty of things undiscovered, the daily stresses of life prevent a change of pace. After boredom sinks in, it is time to find something to do that has never been done before. Maybe an adventure, a historical discovery, or a trip to a long forgotten childhood haunt is what you need. Here in Detroit, the fun is all around and just keeps popping up as the years go round. So, when one's in the mood to get out of that ordinary routine, let the city of Detroit be the  guide to an exciting adventure.

Travel through history at the Motown Historical Museum, discover the eccentric beauty of art at the Detroit Institute of Arts, or travel on down to Greektown while dressed to impress and play your odds at the tables in the Greektown Casino Hotel. Whether  in the mood for a new extravagant dish at the unique Pegasus Taverna or watching the beautiful colors of oranges, pinks, and peaches spread across the morning horizon as the sun rises in the sky, there are plenty of things to do in Detroit.

Of course, it’s always nice to score a sweet deal. So try going to Detroit museums, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Science Center on various days of the month for free. With history, hands-on science, and intricate pieces of art, people can have something fun to do, for free, throughout the month. Book some tickets for a spot in the dugout or a day up close and personal at the races; booking early sometimes gets you a good Detroit deal.

Whether something new for dinner, a venture out on the town, or a fun day reminiscing, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Detroit.

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