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  • Cosmic Fitness CrossFit
    Cosmic Fitness is an official torchbearer of the CrossFit training program, and the studio's skilled trainers build customized workout regimens for muscle proprietors of all types. In the CrossFit 101 training program, Cosmic Fitness's owners and certified CrossFit coaches Krista Debrick and Michael Fudge will introduce the fortifying CrossFit routine, working to put together a balanced regimen to best suit each group's fitness level and median Tetris score. In the courses, a high-intensity and constantly shape-shifting suite moves bodies with running, gymnastics, lifting, or rowing to help build cardiovascular endurance, strength, and speed. A limited class size of 10 people leads to individual coaching and attention, and the typical exercises work to mimic everyday movements and require minimal equipment, allowing customers to continue exercising in the comfort of their own home or local bank lobby. Classes will take place three times per week for the month, with classes scheduled at 6 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (class times can be added to accommodate demand); after the CrossFit 101 training is completed, students are then free to move on to the regular CrossFit workout program.
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    2809 Miller Ranch Road
    Pearland, TX US
  • Jungle Fever 5K
    Part color-powder fight and part animal-themed 5K, the Jungle Fever 5K Colorful Run For Your Life Series brings runners of all ages together for a morning of relaxed and fun racing. Volunteer "animals" surprise runners with splashes of color as they leisurely make their way through an untimed 5K race. Outlandish outfits are encouraged—either wild animal-themed outfits or all-white clothing. The whole affair ends in a colorful splash as runners lob handfuls of colored powder at one another in a color fight.
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    P.O. Box 113
    Bellaire, TX US
  • Dead4Life 5k Zombie Mud Run
    The D4L 5K Zombie Mud Run challenges its participants to think the unthinkable: “Could I survive a zombie apocalypse?” Throughout the 5K mud-slicked course, only the savviest runners will maintain their humanity, dodging hordes of the undead and navigating strength- and agility-testing obstacles. Runners start with three flags that represent their life force. Those who can keep at least one flag safe from the zombies’ corpsey clutches remain human, and those who lose them all make the harrowing transformation into a brain-hungry zombie. But the D4L 5K Zombie Mud Run is more than a grueling race; it’s also an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the largest zombie gathering on Earth. After the race, every participant’s name is entered in a drawing for the grand prize—a trip for two to Las Vegas—and event hosts dole out speed prizes to those with at least one flag remaining. Zombies also compete for a set of undead awards and strut very, very slowly in a zombie beauty pageant.
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    578 Hwy. 153
    Smithville, TX US
  • Bottom Line Events - The Slime Run
    The gritty, dirty fun of mud runs has become popular among runners, but the creators of The Slime Run thought they could improve on the formula. So in their races, they replace that mix of water and wet earth with their own custom formula: a green, slick slime that inevitably covers runners as they navigate a 5K course. After conquering each of four slime zones, they're presented with a relatively simple obstacle, but one whose objective is more difficult when you're coated in slime. Of course, there's more fun to be had than just getting messy. At the finish line, a runner's party with food vendors, a beer garden, and live music awaits race finishers, as do perks: race medals, mugs, and headbands. At the end of the day, the emphasis is as much on safety as it is on fun, which is why each batch of slime is mixed from hypoallergenic, edible materials and not material left over from the set of Ghostbusters II.
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    1 Stadium Dr
    Sugar Land, TX US
  • 5KRunDead
    Running is a great way to stay healthy in general; it's also the only way to stay healthy if you're on the course of a 5KRunDead race. Each competitor is armed with flags, and as zombies nab them, they grow weaker. Lose all your flags and you're out of the game, while the fastest and nimblest get rewarded with prizes at the end. Zombies are rewarded with prizes, too, plus the fun of being transformed into genuinely gruesome creatures by pro makeup artists. Proceeds seek to spread good health far and wide?100% will benefit cancer and Alzheimer's research.
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    15300 University Boulevard
    Sugar Land, TX US
  • Glo Run Houston
    The Glo Run?s 5K fun run event always takes place at night, but it doesn?t seem like it. The course is lined with black lights and lasers, and runners sport glow-in-the-dark gear from t-shirts to sunglasses. On-course DJs add to the festivities, blasting tunes as the untimed participants run, walk, or dance to the finish line. Even more DJs await them there at the glow-in-the-dark after party, which lights up the night better than a raccoon that's swallowed a flashlight.
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    15300 University Blvd.
    Sugar Land, TX US

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