Salt Cave in Greenfield

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  • Sea Salt Therapy
    Since the 1800s, people have sought out salt caves for their healing properties. Few of those caves, however, have been equipped with cushioned lounge chairs and flat-screen TVs. At Sea Salt Therapy, patients relax in just amid luxury as they dig their toes into and fill their lungs with safe, naturally salty air. With each breath, patients inhale microparticles that holistically address asthma, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, and other respiratory ailments. Co-owner Angela Kassai, a severe allergy sufferer herself, was inspired to open the center after doing research on the treatment and learning of wellness success stories from salt rooms in Europe and LA.
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    3199 S Bascom Ave.
    Campbell, CA US
  • Salt Wellness Center
    Not only can salt enhance the flavors of food; according to the staff at Salt Wellness Center, it also has the power to heal. Visitors can test out this theory in two ways: breathing it in or soaking in it. The salt bed and salt-therapy rooms allow visitors to try the former, known as halotherapy, in which they hang out in a salt-infused room and let the mineral do its work. The microparticles of salt they breathe in work to alleviate a range of ailments that include respiratory issues and skin problems like psoriasis or tattoos that were supposed to be temporary. Alternatively, the water in the float tank keeps clients aloft with 9,000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts. As they float in the skin-temperature water, worries fall away, keeping the mind refreshed and easing muscular pain.
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    Salt Wellness Centre Unit 103 - 15303 31 Avenue
    Surrey, BC CA