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  • Noble Grape
    Noble Grape arms amateur vintners and would-be brewmasters with the equipment and supplies they need to craft their own reds, whites, and brews at home. The store's winemaking starter package includes 15 items crucial to turning lowly grape juice into nectar worthy of Bacchus, including a fermenting device, racking accoutrements, a 23-litre glass carboy, a bottle filler, sanitizer, and a moody yet talented wine whisperer to tame the grapes. Oenophiles can choose from a stock of 25 Vintners Reserve wine kits designed to yield 23 litres in varietals ranging from pleasantly acidic chardonnay to bold, palate-blanketing cabernet sauvignon, or opt for a Twisted Mist wine-cocktail kit in flavours such as strawberry margarita and mojito. This option also includes $20 off a future wine-kit purchase.
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    362 Lacewood Drive
    Halifax, NS CA
  • The Wooden Monkey
    Back in 2003, when Hurricane Juan left Nova Scotians stranded for a few days, Lil MacPherson grew concerned about food security. She noticed that there were few local options in their relative isolation, and that much of their food was shipped from far away with little environmental concern for how it was produced. This discovery inspired her to start supporting nearby farmers and purveyors in the hopes of strengthening Nova Scotia's foodscape. But she didn't want to stop there?she wanted the rest of her home province to embrace sustainability, too. The Wooden Monkey, a restaurant devoted to the local culinary culture, was the next step in her journey. Under the guidance of partners Christine Bower and Matthew Gass, The Wooden Monkey in Halifax and Dartmouth shine a spotlight on the work of local food producers. The menu is MSG free, and the drink menu has no artificial ingredients. Getting to know the suppliers and the people who grow their food is very important to the folks at The Wooden Monkey. In fact, every meat in the kitchen has been sourced from Nova Scotia: lamb from Nothumberlamb is used for the lamb burger, and the rustic chicken dinner is made from Pasture Hills poultry. The Monkey isn't just for meat-eaters, however. The staff also prepares an abundance of vegan and vegetarian options, including plates of gingered tofu served over organic quinoa-rice noodles. In fact, the menu is conscious of several dietary restrictions, including Celiac disease, lactose intolerance, and nut allergies.
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    1707 Grafton St.
    Halifax, NS CA
  • The Argyle Grill & Bar
    Sitting amid the dark woods, patrons at The Argyle Grill & Bar choose from a list of local drafts and menu items sourced from fresh, local ingredients. Customers can dine on items such as gourmet wood-fired pizzas topped with thai chicken or dig into wings while sipping pitchers of beer.
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    1575 Argyle Street
    Halifax, NS CA
  • Muir Murray Estate Winery
    Muir Murray Estate Winery owners Jonathan and Lesley Murray use the region’s shorter growing periods to produce a unique blend of grapes rarely found in other climates. Due to their stringent process for selecting the finest grapes, the harvesting season on their 20-acre vineyard yields only about 1.5 tonnes of grapes per acre, which is about 2.5 tonnes less than the industry average. This results in a wine list of refined aromas and signature flavours, and a mouthfeel more pleasurable than either side of a velcro shoe-strap.
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    90 Dyke Road
    Wolfville, NS CA
  • Rj Spagnol's Wine & Beer Supplies
    You don't have to be worried about parking. If you are heading to Rj Spagnol's Wine & Beer Supplies, there are plenty of options nearby.
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    56 Mosher Dr
    Dartmouth, NS CA

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