Landscaping in King City

Select Local Merchants

  • Santa Cruz Hydroponics and Organics
    Santa Cruz Hydroponics & Organics is a fully stocked indoor/outdoor retail gardening store, with a huge inventory and the friendliest, most knowledgeable staff in California.
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    815 Almar Ave
    Santa Cruz, CA US
  • Weed Man
    For more than four decades, Weed Man's licensed-and-trained lawn-beautifying experts have tended to local lawns with custom blends of fertilizer, environmentally sound pest-control solutions, and knowledge gleaned from both living and working in the community. Created exclusively for Weed Man, the technicians' slow-release granular fertilizer nurtures lawns over a period of several weeks, and seeding and aeration promote continued green growth. Advice that aims to assist with local lawn problems helps inform patrons online, illuminating seasonal troubles, gardening trends, and the astrological signs of various plants.
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    1900 S Van Ness Ave
    Fresno, CA US
  • ABC Tree Farms
    For more than three decades, ABC Tree Farms have provided the Bay Area with seasonal fun October through December. Summer inspires the first round of recreation in the form of Summer Fun Zones packed with inflatable bounce houses masquerading as castles and slides and fresh harvests of local cherries, peaches, melons, and other fruits. During October, they run 20 pumpkin-themed locations, some of which also feature inflatable bounce houses and other attractions. Once Thanksgiving passes, groves of Christmas trees spring up, having made their way south from Oregon and Washington. There they will stand until Christmas Eve, hoping to decorate homes or become the model that inspires a revamped line of evergreen air fresheners.
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    2501 Tully Rd
    San Jose, CA US
  • Fuji Garden Center
    A certified Bay Area Green Business and a peddler of greenery, Fuji Garden Center raises a wide variety of rare plants, exotic trees, and flowering delights in its expansive nursery. Floras running the gamut of Santa Barbara daisies ($6.50/1 gal. pot) to ornate Crimson Queen trees ($38.50) convert sunlight into energy and dirt patches into alluring gnome traps. Planting compost ($25/yd.) sets out a buffet table for hungry plants, inviting Tuscan Blue rosemary ($18/5 gal. pot) and lotus flowers ($6.75/1 gal. pot) to the feast. Garden keepers can also treat foliage to premium potting soil ($45/yd.), nutrient-packed to fuel any plant's extreme-sport-centered lifestyle.
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    1815 Monterey Highway
    San Jose, CA US
  • Toni Venza Training
    Tucked between the hills of Northern California in the scenic Carmel Valley, horseback-riding trainer Toni Venza and her staff help equestrians master the reins. The stable offers lessons for riders of all abilities, from beginners learning to walk, trot, and canter to experts competing in hunter-jumper competitions. A trainer for nearly three decades, Toni imparts wisdom on various learning styles through constructive feedback delivered calmly and clearly to help pupils feel comfortable in the saddle.
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    456 W Carmel Valley Rd.
    Carmel, CA US
  • Big Sur Spirit Garden
    Need a last-minute birthday cake? Stop by Big Sur Spirit Garden for all of your bakery needs. You won t find fare that s low in fat here Big Sur Spirit Garden is the perfect place to indulge. Find time to peruse the wine list here — Big Sur Spirit Garden offers a variety of drink options. Got kids? No problem at Big Sur Spirit Garden! The bakery is a fantastic spot for families to dine together. At Big Sur Spirit Garden, your large or small group can be seated quickly and comfortably. Open air seating is ready for diners at Big Sur Spirit Garden when the weather is warm. Keep it casual at Big Sur Spirit Garden — the bakery is laid-back and patrons dress accordingly. Catering from Big Sur Spirit Garden will take your party to the next level. A nearby parking lot is readily available for Big Sur Spirit Garden's diners. You'll also find plenty of safe spaces to lock up your bike if you prefer to cycle to the bakery. Affordable food or tasty food? Big Sur Spirit Garden doesn't make you choose.
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    47540 Highway 1
    Big Sur, CA US