Sugaring in Napa

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  • Bare Sugaring Studio
    Felecia Rincon knows that sugar can do a lot more than sweeten her coffee and stand in for snow on a ski slope. At Bare Sugaring Studio, she uses it to remove unwanted hair, practicing a spa treatment that goes back centuries. Applied opposite the direction of hair growth, her sugar-based paste sinks deep within the follicle, deeper than wax, to grip the hair at its root. When Felecia removes the paste, she takes with it the short, fine hairs that other epilation techniques miss, and even removes dead skin, leaving the legs, chests, chin, or any other body area, smooth and sleek.
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    940 Tyler Street Studio 31
    Benicia, CA US
  • Krista Oroszi at Bella Glow Beauty Studio
    Customized hydrating masks. Plant-derived stem cells. Enzymatic botanicals. These are just a few of the skin-nourishing ingredients that are incorporated into Krista Oroszi's facials.?She tailors each of her treatments to the client's skin type and unique concerns, and she often includes d?collet?, shoulder, and arm massages that make each experience as relaxing as it is nourishing. But the personalized attention Krista pours into her facials also extends to her other beautifying services, which include peels, makeup applications, waxing, and botanically-based body wraps that improve skin health and help contour the body so that it can fit back into an old dress or designer sleeping bag.
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    5430 Commerce Blvd
    Rohnert Park, CA US
  • E Z Eyebrow
    At EZ Eyebrow, the gentle arch of a freshly groomed brow is as natural as the hair-removal technique that creates it. Threading first sprang up in ancient Egypt and India, and as opposed to modern waxing, which can damage skin or create a worldwide candle shortage, threading specifically targets hair. It sweeps up a tuft at a time, carving eyebrows into natural arches with precision. In fact, its accuracy rivals that of tweezing—and in less time, since hairs are pulled out in bunches, not one by one. Plus, threading services can also eradicate hair from other parts of the face and neck.
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    2200 Hilltop Mall Rd
    Richmond, CA US
  • Marina Gachet
    While traveling to India, Marina Gachet experienced the most wonderful facial?what was called a prayer facial?and ended up staying in India to study with the people who had mastered the technique. That experience laid the foundation for her aesthetics approach: Marina has now traveled the world and spent thousands of hours honing her techniques in both skincare and massage therapy to give her clients a unique and soothing experience. At her studio, she impresses the importance of de-stressing to all her clients and offers a plethora of massage styles to help them do so. She also offers packages that pair foot massage and facials with warm tea?for sipping, not as part of the massage.
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    635 Fifth St.
    Santa Rosa, CA US
  • Sucre Sugar Shack
    At Sucre Sugar Shack, Esthetician Brooke Schroth removes body hair via sugaring, covering stubbly areas in a room-temperature sugar paste instead of the usual hot wax. With a flick-like technique, she then removes hair in the same direction it grows, a process that minimizes pain and ingrown hairs. It's versatile, too, working just as well for eyebrow maintenance, Brazilians, and backs.
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    700 B 4th St.
    Santa Rosa, CA US
  • Dermal Essentials
    The staff at Dermal Essentials' three locations takes skin seriously. With backgrounds and certifications in aesthetics and makeup artistry, they know how to cleanse skin and enhance appearances whether they are performing microdermabrasions, organic peptide peels, or makeup applications. During treatments, they use high-quality products from Image Skincare, a chemical-free, pharmaceutical-grade skincare line, and Follique, which calms skin after waxing, shaving, or a stern talking-to in the mirror.
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    911 Irwin St
    San Rafael, CA US