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  • Edible Arrangements Minneapolis
    Born from the imaginations of two brothers running a flower shop, Edible Arrangements has grown from a single neighborhood storefront in Waltham, Massachusetts, to more than 1,100 locations throughout the globe, sending clusters of fresh fruit to deserving loved ones throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Produce artisans arrange delicious bundles of candy-dipped apples, strawberries, and bananas alongside carved melon slices and morsels of orange, grape, and berry, combining the eye-catching color of a floral bouquet with every human's unconscious desire to feast on that bouquet. Guests stop in the store to enjoy fresh fruit smoothies and salad or pick up baskets to present to sweethearts, friends, or family in person. For web-based gift giving, helpful package tracking allows customers to keep tabs on their remotely ordered bounties of seasonal citrus bouquets and cocoa-covered berries.
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    1400 County Road 101 North
    Plymouth, MN US
  • Turn Style Consignment Stores
    The open-armed and stylish folks at Turn Style Consignment Stores know a gently used gem when they see one. That's why they faithfully find a new home for second-hand clothing, accessories, and home furnishings via their stores in the Twin City area, the Phoenix Valley, and throughout Colorado. Many of their shoes and handbags hail from designer brands such as Gucci and Chanel, and their policy prohibits anything that's not from a designer, better department, or specialty story.
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    15545-34th Ave. N.
    Plymouth, MN US
  • Bob's Shoe Repair
    Bob Fisher, a third-generation shoe repairman, has saved soles, healed heels, and brightened boots for more than four decades. Bob, along with son Jeremy, fixes footwear of all makes, models, and blood types, offering up heel replacement (normally $12.50?$25.50), shines (normally $6.50?$11.50), stretching of leather and vinyl shoes ($8/width, $12.50/length), shoe patching ($6.50+), and more. Should someone step on newly-bought blue-suede shoes ($6.50), boots ($9.50), or Ugg boots ($35?$45), Bob can spiff them up with a scrub down that leaves them so clean they'll strike unless their wearers learn to walk on their hands. Prices listed are normal costs; to get an exact figure, bring your footwear into Bob's Shoe Repair for an estimate.
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    1163 Wayzata Boulevard
    Wayzata, MN US
  • Enchanted Tree House
    Enchanted Tree House brims with handpicked playthings, books, gifts, and a rotating selection of new and gently used children's attire within two colorful toy boxes. Kids literally grasp an understanding of shapes with a 25-piece geometric stacker by Melissa and Doug ($17.95) or construct an ant-free picnic with a sandwich-making set ($20.95). Good Night Zoo ($9.95) bids swift sleep to its animal subjects and readers alike, and other books inspire kids to dive confidently into their goals with tales such as figure-skater Kristi Yamaguchi's story Dream Big Little Pig ($16.95). A multihued, personalized water bottle ($13.95) helps thirsty tots stay hydrated all through the puddle-jumping, monster-impersonating, and refrigerator-box-crawling portions of children's triathlons.
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    1157 Wayzata Boulevard East
    Wayzata, MN US
  • Dundee Nursery
    Dundee Nursery and Landscaping is dedicated to bringing our customers the best in fresh, locally-grown plants. We offer you complete garden centers, landscape design/build services, and full service floral shops at our Plymouth and Hutchinson locations.
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    16800 Highway 55
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • Founding Fathers Product
    Inspired by the values of early America, Founding Fathers Brewing Co. was created to offer a premium domestic beer to compete with the products of foreign-owned breweries, all while giving something back to military families. According to the Greenville Journal, founder, president, and CEO Phil Knutsen's father, father-in-law, son, and college roommate all served in the armed forces, inspiring him to get involved. His company is also guided by the knowledge and experience of a military advisory board, and half of Founding Fathers’ profits go to nonprofit organizations supporting families of U.S. Military personnel. Brewers craft the company’s homegrown beers in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, including a full-bodied lager and a golden, light version for sippers watching their waistlines or saving their calories for a whole apple pie. Customers can now find the bottles and cans in a growing number of locations across the country.
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    1607 W Wayzata Blvd
    Long Lake, MN US

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