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  • Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
    Family patriarch Nordy Rockler opened the doors of his first store in 1954 to supply his fellow craftsmen with knowledge, friendly advice, and a large selection of tools for at-home woodworking projects. Now, the chain of retail outlets brims with more than 20,000 tools and specialized woodworking equipment. Next to a steely rainbow of hinges, casters, and screws, a supply of lumber and exotic hardwoods provides planks for building tree houses or just leaving around as a warning to uncooperative trees. The tenor buzz of power tools operated by newly knowledgeable guests drifts from educational sessions on operating equipment and woodworking.
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    200 Gorham Rd
    South Portland, ME US
  • International Cryptozoology Museum
    The logo for the International Cryptozoology Museum is a coelacanth, one of the science's great success stories. Believed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago, a specimen of the armored fish was caught off the coast of South Africa in 1938 and identified by museum curator Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer despite its false mustache. In the optimistic spirit of that amazing discovery, the International Cryptozoology Museum displays exhibits profiling such mysterious creatures as Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Jersey Devil, along with lesser known beasties such as the Dover Demon, the Montauk Monster, and the Fiji Mermaid.
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    11 Avon St.
    Portland, ME US
  • Motifs
    Motifs is a retail boutique in Portland Maine. Our shelves are filled with distinctive and affordable home accents, shoes, jewelry, dresses, yoga wear, summer tunics, and many other beautiful pieces of clothing. Words can't properly describe Motifs. You'll have to come see us for yourself!
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    221 Commercial St
    Portland, ME US
  • Ms Lulu's
    Ms. Lulu's gently lit, soft red walls enclose a m?lange of cozy kids' clothes, toys, accessories, and more. A soft, stuffed Angel Dear lovey gently nuzzles slumbering tots ($12), and a full-body lobster biberall from A Mom Who Knows prevents baby from being stained by drool, carrot pur?e, or octopus ink ($25). Baby shoes from Pediped ($30) and Petit Bateau onesies ($20+) swaddle infants in stylish comfort while protecting them from the judgmental eyes of fashion-critic teddy bears. In addition to national kids' brands, Ms. Lulu's also stocks its shelves with luxury skincare products and locally made tutus.
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    3 Gold St
    Portland, ME US
  • Clay Play
    Clay Play's colorful, vibrant atmosphere provides the perfect inspirational backdrop for painting and glazing your own customized crockery. Choose from more than 200 stark starter pieces (most range from $4?$20) such as mugs, vases, and banks, and decorate it to your right brain's content for a simple studio fee ($7 for adults, $4 for children, $5 for teens and students). The shop provides aspiring artists with 100 vivid paint hues, along with a variety of design ideas, stencils, and stamps to help them bedazzle their breakables. After you complete your artwork, the friendly staff will glaze and fire your piece before a week's work of time finds it gainfully re-employed in your cupboard.
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    756 Route 1
    Yarmouth, ME US
  • New England Distilling
    Distiller Ned Wight can trace his heritage through a long line of distillers, starting with his great-great-great-grandfather John Jacob Wight, who ran the Sherwood Distillery in Hunt Valley, Maryland in the 1850s. The family business shuttered in 1958, and the legacy seemed lost to the annals of time. That is, until Wight?a former brewer at Allagash Brewing Co.?moved the operation and opened New England Distilling in Portland. Wight has filled his distillery with a blend of new and old-fashioned equipment, from a custom-built traditional copper pot still to barrel racks salvaged from his ancestral distillery. Wight's spirits, like his distilling process, are an exercise in creative fusion. Each spirit's unique flavor comes from New England grain combined with recipes from around the world. This trio of craft spirits includes Gunpowder Rye, a spicy Maryland-style whiskey caramelized in the copper pot still, Ingenium Gin, a Dutch-style sipping gin made with exotic Southeast Asian botanicals, and Eight Bells Rum, crafted with Caribbean molasses and aged in bourbon barrels. Their unusual characteristics?and Wight's unorthodox operation?have earned praise from publications such as Maine Magazine.
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    26 Evergreen Dr
    Portland, ME US

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