While doctors often give patients referrals when they need a second opinion or a different doctor, some San Jose residents might find that their current doctor cannot offer a referral. This can occur because a doctor retires or moves to another state. With San Jose doctors available in numerous specialties, including plastic surgery, any resident can find a doctor who offers the needed medical support.

Trust is one of the most important components of a doctor-patient relationship because patients might not follow the doctor's orders if they don't have faith in the doctor. The doctors working at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center give patients the high level of trust they want and need. Dr. Barry Press and Dr. Mark Joseph DuLong are specialists in the field of San Jose cosmetic surgery. These doctors walk patients step by step through the procedures offered, explaining the risks and benefits of each type of surgery.

Chiropractors use intense massage and other techniques to slowly work out stress or kinks in the body. The SCORE Clinic is one of the top-rated chiropractic clinics in San Jose because the practitioners offer deep-tissue massages and full-body adjustments. Dr. Omura is the head chiropractor at the clinic, and the doctor meets with each client before beginning the process to explain which techniques will work best to relieve the client's particular problems.

Dermatologists focus specifically on medical conditions and health troubles that affect the skin. The NuSilk Medical Spa is tops in Phoenix because this center offers medical treatments designed to alleviate stress on the skin. While a simple facial can make the customer feel more relaxed, other procedures can reduce the appearance of scars, treat acne or fight wrinkles.

Whether it's a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon or a physician who specializes in another field, San Jose doctors can handle a wide variety of medical problems plaguing those who live in the city.

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