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  • Alluring Occasions
    Bride and groom take their seat at the center of the table; the wedding party sits beside them. An ethereal glow emanates from the gauzy curtains behind their seats: blue, purple, green. Silky white roses blanket the table and chairs, and yellow petals circling purple-bottomed vases and green candles add a pop of color. The setting may sound like a fairytale, but it's actually a head table created by the event decorators at Alluring Occasions. Whether they're creating a one-of-a-kind backdrop for a bride and groom, table settings for a sweet sixteen, or decor for another special event, each of their creations is touched with whimsy. Of course, how much whimsy all depends on your personal preferences. The decorators cater to each party host or special guest when they design a bash, so settings range from colorful and opulent to chic and understated.
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    2530 Berryessa Rd. #416
    San Jose, CA US
  • G C Tax Institute
    With hundreds of locations across the country, Right Dental Group represents a collection of oral-healthcare professionals who deliver a variety of quality dental services. The collective places an emphasis on relationship building?meaning patients can confess their most egregious toffee-apple trespasses while receiving a teeth scrubbing delivered with precision and understanding. Each of the dentists is prescreened for a consistent record of excellence and the ability to efficiently locate a cavity in a toothstack. A skilled doctor and their staff will skillfully probe forgotten mouth corners, eradicating tartar and expunging plaque from bacterial lairs. The included x-rays will help uncover any oral problem areas that cannot be seen with the shamelessly naked eye. After treatment, clients will be privy to tips that explain the proper brushing and flossing techniques to ward off gum disease and tooth loss, ensuring tongue-stoppers remain firmly rooted to the rest of the skeletal system.
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    995 Montague Expy
    Milpitas, CA US

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