Elipticals in Washington Court House

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  • Campbell's Firearms Training
    Shannon Campbell specializes in preparing clients for armed self-defense, with an emphasis on safe practices when within the home. At an outdoor range that more closely elicits the feel of a neighborhood backyard than a shooting gallery, Shannon demonstrates proper firearm operation before supervising clients as they apply what they've learned. In addition to this coaching, he leads a Refuse To Be A Victim seminar, which teaches participants how to maintain awareness in threatening situations and how to prevent a criminal confrontation. He also hosts Little Sportsman sessions, which educate youths on how to responsibly handle a firearm while building community.
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    3450 Houston Road
    Waynesville, OH US
  • MacAir Aviation Services
    The knowledgeable instructors of MacAir Aviation Services take aspiring aviators aloft during 30-minute simulated flights. Pupils climb into a mock cockpit to roam the wild blue pixels as aeronautical mentors dispense helpful advice regarding aircraft control, instrumentation readings, and swiping the freshest grapes from Amelia Earhart's cloud-top villa. Preflight, students can fuel up by sipping complimentary coffee or garner elevation inspiration while watching the comings and goings of airplanes that stop by the full-service fixed-base operator for fuel, supplies, and maintenance.
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    140 North Valley Road
    Xenia, OH US
  • Central Crossing High School
    Step 1. Purchase your Groupon using the buy button at the top of the page.Step 2. Locate your redemption code, which differs from the Groupon number and can be found in the center of the voucher. The voucher is viewable in the mobile app or by going to My Groupons and clicking the print link.Step 3. Visit the product page and select 'Create Now' to create photo collage.Step 4. Select desired letters, matte color, letter type, and frame color as specified on your Groupon. Click 'Done- Go to check Out.'Step 5. Fill out your information and enter the redemption code located in the center of your Groupon into the 'Promo Code' field at checkout.Step 6. Enjoy!
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    4500 Big Run
    Grove City, OH US
  • Armed 4 Freedom
    The Classes Armed 4 Freedom's instructors teach private sessions and NRA courses. Depending on the class, instructors also supply materials such as NRA packets, complimentary firearms rentals, and even free coffee and donuts. Meet the Instructors Most of the NRA-certified instructors at Armed 4 Freedom boast backgrounds in the military. For example, Edward Hartshorn II has been a United States Navy Seabee for more than a decade, and Edward Butler was a United States Marine Corps gunnery sergeant for 21 years.
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    4614 Rensch Rd.
    Grove City, OH US
  • Grove City High School
    Step 1. Purchase your Groupon using the buy button on this page.Step 2. No need to do anything else! By purchasing this Groupon and providing your name and shipping address, you've completed the order for your towel set and it should ship within 7?10 business days.Step 3. Enjoy!
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    4665 Hoover Rd
    Grove City, OH US
  • Champion City Aviation
    The FAA certified flight instructors at Champion City Aviation jet students into the skies with both college and casual training programs. The facility's combination of ground school and in-the-air education covers vital aviation techniques, including flight rules and regulations, radio procedures, and how to handle inclement weather. Ground school sessions unfold inside a modern classroom equipped with computer technology, and air training utilizes Champion City's fleet of training aircraft.
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    1251 W Blee Rd.
    Springfield, OH US