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8 Best TV Shows for Small Business Tips and Lessons

8 Best TV Shows for Small Business Tips and Lessons

After a long day on the job, it’s nice to sit back and refuel with some TV time. But if you just can’t leave work behind, here’s a way to double-dip—take in a TV show that leaves you with some small business tips. How’s that for multi-tasking? Here are the best TV shows for entrepreneurs to catch:

Shark Tank

Watch fresh-faced and seasoned entrepreneurs make their pitches to potential high-dollar investors in this reality series. You’ll get a charge out of seeing the creative ideas and maybe get some inspiration of your own.

What you’ll learn: Best practices for pitching your business to investors and pitfalls to avoid in your business plan and financial metrics

Undercover Boss

This series takes high-powered company executives, puts them in disguise and sends them to hang out with the regular folk at their company. Undoubtedly, most execs come away with a new appreciation for what’s going on behind the scenes and under their noses. There’s a lot of lessons to be learned from the rank and file.

What you’ll learn: How to see your company through your employees’ eyes, spot problem employees, and celebrate top performers

Your Business

MSNBC’s weekly Your Business show is all about helping the small business community. The show profiles a small business owner each week and talks about their challenges and successes. There are elevator pitches from startups, and guest panelists, including entrepreneurs, business journalists and investors, who give helpful small business tips and advice.

What you’ll learn: Valuable small business tips on all aspects of entrepreneurship, including marketing, finance, legal issues, and HR

Bar Rescue

Struggling bar owners get a makeover and some frank advice about how to improve their profits in this reality series. Any small business entrepreneur can pick up some sound advice from this show. Mistakes are made, misjudgments happen, and everyone learns a little something.

What you’ll learn: How to get out of the way of your own business and better serve customers while increasing your profits

The Profit

Small businesses struggle, and business expert Marcus Lemonis comes in with his checkbook, plain-spoken advice, and constructive criticism to make things better. It’s entertaining and provides lessons to entrepreneurs of any size.

What you’ll learn: Tons of tips on the best ways to turn around a struggling business

The Millionaire Inside

A CNBC show that has money experts offering tips on money management and investing to become financially successful. In each episode, hosts look at different financial dilemmas and offer advice to help people become debt-free and save money. If you have trouble balancing the checkbook, this show is for you.

What you’ll learn: Practical advice on managing your business and personal finances

Modern Family

This award-winning comedy features an ensemble cast that includes a father who turns over the reins of his long-standing closet business to his daughter. If you run a family business, you’ll appreciate the humor and life lessons.

What you’ll learn: The value of having a strong network of family and friends around your business

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Four improv comedians show off their mad comedic skills while incorporating props, songs and suggestions from the audience. There are celebrity guests and lots of crazy fun. It won’t teach you anything about business, but if you’ve had a bad day, it will lighten your load. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

What you’ll learn: How to think on your feet…and make up a song about almost anything

So those are our recommendations. What are your top TV picks for small business tips? Let us know in the comments!

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