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Top 10 Podcasts for Spa Owners

Owning and operating a spa business can be a challenge, often requiring long hours spent managing staff, juggling finances, caring for customers, and keeping tabs on marketing. At the same time, spa owners need to stay abreast of new developments and insights into the... Continue Reading

Summer 2018 Hair Trends to Try at Your Salon

“I love your haircut! Where did you get it?” Not every small business is lucky enough to have natural advertising walking around town, but the talk only goes so far if your salon isn’t at the forefront of new trends. And hair salon owners and... Continue Reading

How to Open a Nail Salon: Equipment and Prices

To run a successful nail salon, would-be salon owners need to know how to open a nail salon and establish the right nail salon prices. Fortunately, the business model for salons is fairly straightforward. Like any retail business, you’ll need to start with basic... Continue Reading

Expanding Your Hair Removal Business Outside of Laser Treatment

As an industry, laser hair removal is a growing as fast as…well, I bet you can guess. Since the Federal Drug Administration approved commercial lasers for permanent hair reduction in 1997, both women and men have been flocking to salons and spas specializing in the... Continue Reading

Gym TV Ideas for Fitness Studios

Maybe you saw the news on the gym TV while hitting the weights, but gym chain Life Time Fitness announced recently that it would no longer show national cable network news stations at its 128 fitness centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Maybe your gym or studio... Continue Reading

How Your Spa Business Can Bring in New Customers During Flu Season

It’s never a season that people look forward to, and this one is no different. The flu is here, and it’s a bad one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported widespread flu in 46 states, with more than 100 people dying from the flu by... Continue Reading

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