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How Groupon Promotes Your Business and Deal

One of the first questions merchants usually ask us is how Groupon promotes and markets businesses on our platform, and rightfully so! Launching a Groupon offer is a big deal for everyone involved, from your business and staff to your Groupon representative and all of... Continue Reading

Holiday Marketing for Small Businesses: The Ultimate Groupon Merchant Guide

As an entrepreneur, you already know that holiday marketing presents a big opportunity for small businesses. It allows you to position your products and services as a great option for gift-giving, helps you draw more traffic into your business, and gives your... Continue Reading

Why Mobile Is Mandatory for Small Business Marketing (and What to Do About It)

This likely isn’t a surprise to long-time readers of the Groupon Merchant Blog, but a new report from comScore notes that mobile phone use continues to grow. In fact, it’s now the leading digital platform—with more than 50% growth since 2013. That means... Continue Reading

Keywords and SEO Are Still an Essential Way to Promote Your Business

Running a small business has changed a lot in the past few years. It used to be a slower-paced process to take a business from humble beginnings to a fully-staffed medium-sized business. Today, you can promote your business by using social media, SEO, relevant... Continue Reading

SEO for Local Businesses: Your Facebook Page—Is It Still There?

For the past few years, local business owners have been promised higher brand awareness and increased consumer engagement by using Facebook and its branded pages. And that’s why many digital marketing agencies have helped create social marketing to improve SEO for... Continue Reading

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