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Starting a Brewery: Equipment List and Pricing

For serious fans of craft beer, starting a brewery can be the ultimate dream. What better business to start with friends—making something you love for you and other beer enthusiasts? In fact, a lot of people are passionate about brewing beer. According to the... Continue Reading

Groupon Merchant Case Study: Purple Sprout Cafe Was Built with Groupon

Groupon champions small businesses by connecting customers and merchants with their communities through effective local business marketing campaigns. Check out Purple Sprout Cafe and Juice Bar, a local business based in Wheeling, Illinois, that built its business as a... Continue Reading

6 Tips for Marketing Your Painting Classes

Perhaps you have been blessed with a creative eye and the gift for putting paintbrush to canvas. Techniques like building texture, blocking in, and dry brushing may be second nature to you, and now you want to share your knowledge of painting with others. Good... Continue Reading

Twitter Chat Roundup: How to Start and Grow a Business

Last week, April 29 to May 4, was National Small Business Week, as donned by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), where outstanding entrepreneurs and small business owners were recognized across all 50 states and U.S. territories. From a national virtual... Continue Reading

How to Perfect the 30-Second Small Business Elevator Pitch

The doors close and there you are, standing next to a potential investor as the elevator makes its slow ascent. Your prospective sponsor is a captive audience for the next 30 seconds, before the doors open and the moment passes, maybe forever. Sure, it’s a... Continue Reading

Hosting a Small Business Networking Event

When traditional advertising is too expensive and social media outreach is too time-consuming, there is an old-fashioned alternative that remains amazingly effective: the simple handshake. Hosting business networking events at your establishment is a great way to get... Continue Reading

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