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10 Massage Marketing Tips for World Reflexology Awareness Week

massage marketing tips: two hands giving another hand a reflexology massage

The benefits of massage therapy and reflexology are boundless: relaxation, pain relief and headache reduction, to name just a few. World Reflexology Awareness Week, held the last week of September each year, is the perfect time to update your massage marketing plans and get your hands on new customers. Doesn’t that sound like instant bliss?

Here are 10 stress-free tips to refresh your massage marketing:

Have an open house

Serve healthy refreshments, give out discount coupons, offer demos, and mini-treatments. You could even create a Groupon campaign for a sampling of treatments. Promote your special day with fliers at neighboring businesses, on social media, and through community calendars. Extend invitations to community groups that would benefit, such as a local exercise club.

Do a public demo

Set up a small booth at a farmer’s market, fitness club, health store, book store, coffee shop, or mall, and give 10-minute talks on the benefits of reflexology with a demo. Volunteer to be a guest speaker at the local library or at a civic group meeting, or teach a class at a community center. Have brochures and coupons to give out, as well as a promo item with your logo. Offer a discount for anyone who makes an appointment on the spot.

Offer a corporate package

Many companies promote wellness in their business. Try contacting businesses near you and offering a group rate for employees, or offer to come in and do a demo during a “lunch and learn” series or company health fair.

Find athletic events

Put up a table after a road race or volunteer to treat athletes who participate in charity events like bike races, triathlons, and walk-a-thons. That will expose active people to the benefits of your services and help you attract new customers.

Partner with other businesses

Find other businesses that promote health and wellness and partner with them to do a promotion. Chances are good that your target customers overlap. Or, do a demo in a health-food store and allow them to give out coupons and sample items in your space.

Give back

Have staff members visit a women’s or homeless shelter, a hospice, or a veteran’s hospital to offer complimentary 10-minute treatments. Give out cards with stress-reduction tips and your company logo. Doesn’t that feel good?

Create a flier

List the health benefits of massage and reflexology and offer a coupon. Distribute to health clubs, health food stores, juice bars, and the like. Think about where your potential customers hang out and get your massage marketing materials in front of them.

Email your client database

Email out massage marketing content that also educates your customers on topics such as “how to reduce stress” or “how to naturally heal headaches.” That way, you’ll increase your value to customers and have them looking forward to your content. Show your personality and make a connection. Include a reflexology chart so they can see the benefits.

Share on social

Create buzz for your promotions by using a unique hashtag or one that’s trending. Give an exclusive discount to people who like your Facebook page. Do a Twitter raffle, where everyone who retweets you is entered into a prize drawing for a discount or free service. Create a YouTube video with a short demo and share it.

Establish yourself as an expert

Send a press release to local media about World Reflexology Awareness Week and list your promotions. Offer yourself as an expert source and pitch a story about the worldwide movement. Offer to write an article for a community publication on the health benefits of massage and reflexology.

World Reflexology Awareness Week is a great opportunity to give your massage marketing plan a fresh look and attract new customers to your business, but don’t hesitate to try these tips any time of the year. If you’re interested in massage marketing solutions from Groupon, we’d love to talk with you! Simply submit your info and we’ll be in touch. Happy World Reflexology Awareness Week!

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About the Author:

Julie Landry Laviolette is a freelance journalist and marketing content writer who specializes in business, health and personal finance. She writes a Small Business Makeover series for the Miami Herald, travel stories for Visit Florida and is on the Google Maps editorial team. Follow her on Twitter at @JulieLavio or find her on LinkedIn.

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  2. Reflexology will flood your system with relaxation, allowing you the ability to sleep and return to your normal and healthy Circadian rhythm.

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