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5 Tips for Building a Positive Company Culture in 2018

5 Tips for Building a Positive Company Culture in 2018: People smiling in group setting

Every business owner or manager wants happy employees. Happy employees work harder, are less likely to skip work, and are less likely to be injured and stay at the job longer. But how do you turn your company culture positive? Using creativity, there are simple steps that aren’t expensive to take this year that will boost employee morale. Letting your employees know you care will go a long way toward boosting your bottom line.

Listen and Learn

Let’s say you create an incentive plan with a top producer getting a weekend getaway for two. If the majority of your employees have families and would prefer an extra paid day off work, your generosity won’t be effective in improving your company culture. Talk to your employees to get a sense of what they value in a workplace, what they would like to see changed and how they would like to be praised for good work. Send an email survey or consider creating a committee with your company’s cheeriest leaders tasked with boosting employee morale.

Show Gratitude

When is the last time you’ve given thanks for a job well done? Simply expressing gratitude as a business owner or manager goes a long way toward improving the overall company culture. Publicly praising those who go above and beyond or even those who are improving really works. Weekly emails, small notes or mentions in meetings is an easy and heartfelt way to better employee morale.

Make It Fun

We’ve all heard of offices with ping-pong tables, flip-flops as a uniform and free treats, but if that’s not your company that’s OK. There’s no need to turn your company culture into a playground, but it’s good to encourage a warm, fun environment. Don’t get carried away; free snacks, a raffle for an extra hour at lunch or a dress-down day won’t be so bad for employee morale.

Express Your Mission

Workers today yearn to make a difference, and you can help make this happen with a company mission statement. By knowing what values you seek with your business (beyond just making money) it will be easier to hire people with the right attitude and priorities. Once your company culture is mission driven, it will be natural to lead by example and highlight people displaying these values, as well as letting go of those who don’t.

Simply Care

Finally, be a compassionate boss. Be willing to be flexible when employees are dealing with personal situations or have new ideas. If a setback occurs, work with your team to develop new strategies for success instead of harping on failures. Make sure your employees are invested in their own health as well. Consider a perk of a free gym membership or create a month-long health campaign. Did someone say free 10-minute chair massages?

Changing company culture for the better can take time, but it’s worth it. Improved employee morale goes a long way in creating a stronger team, healthier finances and, perhaps most important, more smiles all around.

What are your top tips for keeping employee morale high and maintaining a positive company culture? Let us know in the comments!

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Suzanne Wentley is a freelance journalist and marketing consultant seeking to inspire small businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to excel in their missions. She has received numerous awards, including the Charlie Award by the Florida Magazine Association, the Lucy Morgan Award for In-Depth Journalism by the Florida Press Club, and the Gold Marketing Award for Media Relations by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Her web site is www.thelovelightproject.com.

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  1. I liked your article and it is good advice to employers. When your expectations are clear, employees know what to expect and can decide if your business is a good fit for them. It will also make hiring easier for employers because you can focus on only those skills for which you are searching. Asking employees what they value in the work place gives them ownership, they feel valued, and will work a little harder for the company. This is how I have chosen to run my business. It is difficult but employers can’t afford to become complacent. It effects everyone, including the bottom line.

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