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Expanding Your Hair Removal Business Outside of Laser Treatment

As an industry, laser hair removal is a growing as fast as…well, I bet you can guess. Since the Federal Drug Administration approved commercial lasers for permanent hair reduction in 1997, both women and men have been flocking to salons and spas specializing in the... Continue Reading

New Ways to Grow Your Med Spa Business

Med spas offer so much to clients, from highly trained aestheticians to the best new technology on the market. But many med spa owners and practitioners find it difficult to attract new clients from their community. To get people to book services, you’ll need to... Continue Reading

Are You Outperforming Your Yoga Studio Competition?

Owning a yoga studio is different from overseeing other small businesses, because if you’re not supposed to compete with each other on the mat… how are you supposed to handle yoga studio competition with others? And yet, here we are, trying to pay the bills and... Continue Reading

True Cost of Beauty: Survey Reveals Where Americans Spend Most

As the summer months are the best time to capitalize on beauty treatments and services—previous survey findings state that 4 in 10 people experience a confidence boost in warmer weather—OnePoll, on behalf of Groupon, has recently released results from a... Continue Reading

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