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How Groupon Works

How to Sell on Groupon

Groupon offers a variety of customized marketing solutions to help you reach your business goals.

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Setting Up Shop

How to Start an Ice Cream Shop

From creating a business plan to stocking the right equipment and deciding your flavors, read our extensive guide on how to start an ice cream shop.

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Setting Up Shop

How to Start a Dog Walking Business

Discover how to start a dog walking business with this Groupon guide to launching your own enterprise. From setting prices to buying the right equipment.

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Employee Engagement

How to Create a More Diverse Workplace

Diversity and inclusion promote a positive company culture, but how do you create a diverse workforce? Here are some effective strategies to try.

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Trends by Industry

Food Truck Tips for Restaurant Owners

Technology is changing the restaurant industry fast, and food trucks have to adapt. Here’s how to take advantage of the latest technology for restaurants.

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