Why Become a Groupon Merchant?

Kickstart Your Relationship with the World’s Experience Marketplace

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What You Don’t Know About Groupon

Groupon isn’t just a deals platform — it’s an experience marketplace. It’s where people go when they want to explore while they’re on vacation, or see a new part of their town. It’s where they go when they want something comfortable, and when they want to push boundaries.

We know you have something to offer. Our platform can bring you visitors.

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An Eager Audience

Our customers are adventurous yet loyal — 84% weren’t considering a merchant before seeing them on Groupon, 65% spend beyond the value of the voucher when they visit, and 49% make 2+ purchases per year.

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Proven Performance

Groupon has worked with over a million merchants to pump more than $20 billion into local businesses to date.

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Decision-Making Tools and Expertise

Gain unlimited visibility into your campaign’s performance. Adjust in real-time. Lean on Groupon’s expertise to perfect your campaign.

An All-in-One Marketing Platform

You’re running a business. We can run your campaign. With Groupon Merchant, you get an expert team delivering email, social media, SEO, paid advertising, and more to millions of potential customers.

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Our Platform, Your Message

Groupon is doing even more to help you promote your unique brand on our platform. It goes beyond one promotion or one visit. Our goal is to provide an entryway into your business.

  • No upfront costs
  • Flexible pricing structures and custom campaign content
  • Links to your website or social media
  • Algorithm that targets customers based on what they’re searching on our site
  • Dedicated campaigns ship for special occasions
  • Detailed campaign insights and customer feedback at your fingertips
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Become a Destination

They’ve opened their inbox. They’ve searched our site. They’ve found what they’re looking for: You. Now what happens?

Now that you have visitors ready to be impressed, you get a chance to show what you can do. You’re about to become a part of their life.

You’re about to become their go-to.

Build Your Brand

You’ve created something great, and the more people visit, the more people know what you’re all about.

Build Some Buzz

Word of mouth. Social media. Review sites. When people have a great experience, they’ll let everyone else know.

Build Customer Loyalty

We want to get people throughyour door, but we want more than that. We want them to come back, again and again.

Did You Know ...?

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Of customers improved brand image after seeing supply on Groupon
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Groupon campaigns are profitable on the deal alone
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Easy to Start. Easy to Succeed.

Groupon merchant solutions make it easy to set up your campaign quickly, easily, and in line with your business goals. Once you get started, we have best-in-class tools and merchant support to help you make the most out of your campaign. These tools give you the flexibility, insights, and backing you need to get customers coming through your door again and again.

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Go Beyond Deals. Become a Destination.

Groupon is your platform for becoming someone’s favorite place. Let’s work together to make you a destination.