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Like fun the legal way? Prank friends and frenemies alike by licensing a custom prank from our randomized Groupon Prankulator™®. Or, wear your foolishness with pride by purchasing a brand-awareness-raising clothing item.

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Generate your own April Fool™

You’re welcome! Having fun has never been easier (or more fun) now that you can conduct your own sanctioned Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ pranks using our highly advanced, cyber-intelligent randomly generated Groupon Prankulator™®. By analyzing 24 million different humor components, our algorithm can help you fool friends and avoid litigation by synthesizing the perfect Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ gag for you (for a nominal, sizable licensing fee).


License A Prank Phone Call

Now that you've pranked people in person, spread more great legal pranks nation-wide through your home phone. Simply play these custom prank calls and hold your phone to your speakers. Once you've completed your prank call, mail your cash payment licensing fee to:

Groupon, Inc.
ATTN: Groupon Presents April Fools' Day™
600 W. Chicago Ave.
Suite 620
Chicago, IL 60654

Groupon Presents April Fools™ Memorabilia

Groupon presents April Fools Cotton Tee
Groupon presents April Fools Apron Fools Apron