Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Fit Body Boot Camp all about?
A: Fit Body Boot Camp is an indoor boot camp. We have our “Unstoppable Fitness Formula” which burns fat and calories through high intensity cardio and resistance training. Boot camp sessions range between 30 to 60 minutes in length. All Fit Body Boot Camp locations are independently owned and operated.

Q: Do you accommodate people with health issues (i.e., back; pinched nerve in leg)?
A: Exercises and weights can be intensified and increased for the more advanced members or ones that want to be challenged. The same exercises and weights can be decreased depending on the fitness level of the individual. So in other words, yes everyone is accommodated as best as possible.

Q: What is the difference between the 14-day Fat Furnace and the 6-week Fall Slim Down boot camp?
A: Both are designed to do one thing amazingly well - BURN FAT! We offered two programs because we know that some people need a quick 14-day jump-start and others may prefer 6 weeks. In addition to awesome workouts, both programs come with a fat loss report.

Q: Does this 14-day or 6 week consist of consecutive days or 14-days or 6 weeks’ worth of sessions?
A: Both programs are for consecutive days from the day you attend your first boot camp session. You can attend boot camp as many times a day and a week as you would like within those 14-days or within those 6 weeks.

Q: Can you confirm that I am able to attend the class times listed prior to purchasing?
A: Class times listed are subject to availability of each class and location. After purchasing, you will schedule all your boot camp sessions online. If for any reason, the class time listed is not provided that day or week you will be able to schedule another one for a different time or for a future date.

Q: On average, how much weight is expected to loose in boot camp?
A: Unfortunately there are no estimates on the average weight a person can lose. However both programs are specifically designed to burn calories through a combination of high intensity cardio and resistance training.

Q: What happens after the boot camp is over. Does the workout rely on specialized equipment that will require joining a gym, or can all of these exercises be done at home?
A: We encourage and strongly suggest you continue with the boot camp program at the Fit Body Boot Camp location you started at to continue working towards your weight loss and health goals, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Q: What does “may redeem across visits mean”?
A: This simply means that you will use the Groupon Voucher to come to boot camp multiple times – as opposed to a one time visit.

Q: Are the workout sessions group or individual sessions?
A: The boot camp programs are in groups.

Q: Can you give me a basic idea of what the workouts consist of and how long they take?
A: Boot camp focuses on burning the maximum amount of fat and calories through resistance training and high intensity cardio. Through this type of training, the body is put into an “after burn”, which means your body continues to burn fat throughout the day. Workouts range between 30 and 60 minutes long for each session.

Q: What if you have never done a boot camp before or have not exercised in a long time. Do they allow people to go at their own pace?
A: Our boot camps are tailored to everyone no matter their fitness level. Exercises and weights can be intensified and increased for the more advanced members or ones that want to be challenged. The same exercises and weights can be decreased depending on the fitness level of the individual.

Q: Can you go to more than one location?
A: Unfortunately, you cannot attend more than one location, as each location is independently owned and operated. Sorry!

Q: What happens at Fit Body Boot Camp when an instructor does not show?
A: Fit Body Boot Camp is different! Fit body Boot Camp trainers are always timely, prompt and courteous. If the circumstance were to arise where the trainer could not show, they always find a replacement.

Q: Is this a male and female training class or female only?
A: Both, male and female.

Q: I would like to buy one for my son/daughter under 18, is there an age limit?
A: There is no age limit. However, it is up to the owner's discretion as to how young each boot camper can be.

Q: If classes are limited to a certain amount of people, are we really going to be able to get the promised unlimited use of the pass, or will we often be turned away due to crowding?
A: We completely understand how this can be of concern - however this is why we have a scheduling system. The owner has worked out schedules to accommodate current and new clients. After purchasing your Groupon deal, you will receive instructions on how to book your first boot camp session. The scheduling system is in order to avoid being turned away or having a cramped workout. I hope this helps you understand the system a little more.

Q: Can I purchase the 14-day to jump-start my work out and a 6 week program? A: You can buy more than one, however you can only redeem one per person.