FTD.com Groupon FAQ
Click here for detailed instructions on how to redeem your FTD Groupon.

Can I use my FTD Groupon now?
Yes. You can redeem it at www.ftd.com/groupon as soon as you receive it!

What website URL do I go to?
Please go to www.ftd.com/groupon to redeem your FTD Groupon voucher.

Do I use my Groupon number or the FTD redemption code? Where do I find it?
Use the FTD redemption code which begins with the letters “GC” located on Groupon voucher.

Where do I input the redemption code on the FTD website?
Input your FTD redemption code on the Billing & Review page in the section titled “Gift Cards & Groupon Redemption Codes,” which is above Payment Options. Be sure to click “Apply” to have your code applied to the order. Please note that no PIN is needed.

Is the FTD Groupon also good toward service fees and taxes?
Yes, FTD Groupon vouchers can be applied toward product amount, service fees, and taxes.

How long do I have to use the FTD Groupon?
Your FTD Groupon voucher is good for its full $30 or $40 total value (including the $15 or $20 bonus) through April 11, 2014. After that date, the value is reduced to its $15 or $20 paid value.

Can the FTD Groupon be used toward international deliveries?
Delivery is limited to the United States.

What number can I call if I have questions on my order?
Call FTD at (855) 645-6214 with any questions on how to place your order or on your order after it’s placed.

Can I combine my FTD Groupon with any other special offers or discounts?
The FTD Groupon can be combined with special offers and discounts shown on www.ftd.com at time of redemption. The FTD Groupon cannot be applied toward any other FTD websites with special offers like earning points and miles.

Can I still use my FTD Groupon with my Gold Membership?
Yes, you can still receive all of your Gold Membership benefits by redeeming your FTD Groupon at www.ftd.com/groupon.