Groupon presents April Fools™

The First Inaugural 2011
Groupon Present April Fools’ Day™ Joke:

Groupon Funnies Up the Founding Fathers!

To celebrate Groupon Presents April Fools' Day™, the owner of everyone's favorite hoax-centric April holiday is pleased to unveil this year's rib-tickling, too-good-to-be-true genuine event. In the spirit of levity, we've given Mt. Rushmore a mirthful makeover.

Hope we didn't ruin your next family's vacation by defacing these dignified American idols. We brought in acclaimed European Rogèr to sculpt the handcrafted, fiberglass mustachioed novelty glasses. Then, our team of helicopters gingerly placed the oversize eyewear right where you'd least expect it—on the faces of our four most frequently carved presidents.

Yes, we really put funny glasses on Mt. Rushmore. Why? Because at Groupon Presents April Fools' Day™, we know a good prank when we do one.

Groupon presents April Fools Cotton Tee

What's In Store?

The Next 20 Years of Groupon Presents April Fools' Days™

The best Groupon Presents April Fools’ Day™ pranks are the ones that fool you into believing they’re real. Here’s a sneak peek at the hilarious pranks Groupon has planned for future Groupon Presents April Fools’ Days™. We know you’ll enjoy falling for these fictional funnies:

  • 2012: Fake deal—rent a monkey for a week
  • 2013: Groupon changes its logo to a photograph of baby Richard Nixon
  • 2014: Fake deal—time-machine ride back 6,000 years to witness creation of Earth
  • 2015: Groupon creates cartoon series for children celebrating the joys of consumerism
  • 2016: Fake deal—rent two monkeys for a week
  • 2017: Groupon to be first corporation to run for president
  • 2018: Groupon hires beloved Hollywood actor Johnny Depp to be buried alive
  • 2019: Introduction of Groupon Extra, the reverse coupon that lets you pay extra for goods and services
  • 2020: Fake deal—you get to join the Allman Brothers Band
  • 2021: Fake deal—rent three monkeys for a fortnight
  • 2022: Groupon acquires start-up country Canada
  • 2023: Groupon sells the rights to April Fools’ Day™ to humorless censorship icon Martin Johnson
  • 2024: President Groupon outlaws “paying full price”
  • 2025: Groupon switches to door-to-door sales exclusively
  • 2026: Fake deal—rent a baboon for a while
  • 2027: Andrew Mason to quit Groupon, hunt pumas to extinction
  • 2028: All Groupon employees fired, replaced with self-dialing phone books
  • 2029: Groupon incorporates as a church to avoid paying taxes
  • 2030: Groupon Bucks replace the yuan as official American currency
  • 2031: Fake deal—rent a monkey for a week