Gift Experts

Gift Experts are Awesome

With over 200 million subscribers worldwide, Groupon knows a few things about shopping for gifts. To spread our knowledge across North America, Groupon has a team of fabulous and charismatic gift-giving experts ready to assist. Need a quote from an expert on last-minute Mother’s Day shopping? Need a fancy fresh face to appear with you on camera and walk you through some great gift ideas? Want to chat it up on air with a quick wit who can give you the latest on what’s hot in your town? Click the orange “Contact Us” button on the right and send us a note today!

Kaetlynn Daoust Kaetlynn Daoust
Gift Expert

The first thing you need to know about Kaetlynn Daoust is that she loves sharks. It's probably the second thing, too. When she's not running around the Groupon office in her child-sized shark hoodie, Kaetlynn is working tirelessly to resolve customer and merchant inquires as part of the Resolutions Team. Originally from the San Juan Islands, Kaetlynn recently migrated to Chicago from the Arizona desert (Go Sundevils!) where she captained her college ultimate Frisbee team and learned how to live without air conditioning. On any given day, you can find her planning her newest adventure or researching where the next R. Kelly concert will be. Favorite gift ever: The Baby Check Up doll she received from her sister when she was 4.

Rosie Moan Rosie Moan
Gift Expert

Originally a southern belle from Charlotte, N.C., Rosie Moan has adapted nicely to the Midwest. She has developed a love for flatland, cornfields and purely mustard hotdogs. Rosie is currently in the Customer Service department at Groupon and is usually found wearing a princess hat and petting a pony doll while handling customer issues. Her habits include eating cookie butter directly out of the jar, dancing alone in her room for hours on end, and making puppet faces at babies. Rosie's idols include Beyonce and Abraham Lincoln. Favorite gift ever: A handmade tapestry from India from one of her teachers.

Susan Myburgh Susan Myburgh
Gift Expert

Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa and then relocating to Florida at age 10, Susan has always had a case of the travel bug. When she's not cooking up plans to travel to new and unknown parts of the globe, she uses her charm and wit to coach Groupon's awesome Customer Support Team in delivering top-notch service as a Customer Support Manager. On evenings and weekends you can find Susan on stage or in rehearsal with any number of Chicago's leading storefront theatre companies. While she's a busy lady, she always has time for good food, good conversation, and good friends. Favorite gift ever: Dinner at The Purple Pig in Chicago with her fiancée and tickets to see The Avett Brothers, one of her all time favorite bands.

Emma McKee Emma McKee
Gift Expert

Emma McKee has more hometowns, charm, and good looks than the rest of our Gift Experts combined. Hailing from St. Louis, Kansas City, Tulsa and Toronto she is often referred to by her manager as a "gypsy." Emma handles Canada and the Pacific Northwest for GrouponLive, Groupon's joint venture with music goliath Live Nation. When Emma isn't talking to Ghostface Killah on her two-way, she can be found any place in Chicago where the pool tables are lopsided, the tacos are 1 dollar and the tunes are fresh. Favorite gift ever: The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time for N64.

Carolyn Sinon Carolyn Sinon
Gift Expert

Carolyn Sinon is a dabbler. As a child, some (also known as her mother) may have referred to her as a "quitter," but she prefers to look at it as a time of "exploring her options." As a result, she has found that she is now considered an entry-level participant at many things. This includes, but is not limited to, pasta making, badminton, cross-stitching, bowling, knitting and searching for dinosaurs. Straight from Colorado, you can currently find her working on the Voice team at Groupon, crafting eloquent poetry about how to gift a Groupon. When she isn't avoiding drinking water at all costs, you can most likely find her eating mashed potatoes, working on specializing in all small stringed instruments, or riding her bike an inordinate amount of miles. Favorite gift ever: She once received 20 hand-made birthday cards from her 4th and 5th grade students after she left her job as a teacher to move to Chicago.

Kate Adams Kate Adams
Gift Expert

Ann Arbor native Kate Adams has been a Customer Service superstar since 2012. Zipping through the call queue, quelling customer concerns and saving stranded cats from trees is all in a days work for the fantastically friendly Ms. Adams. When she's not giving Groupon gifts she can be found in her Chicago apartment throwing dinner parties and Pinterest-ing her way through every home decor project on the planet. Favorite gifts ever: Tickets to Paris, tea cups and a giant stuffed Piglet.

Michael Tepeli Michael Tepeli
Gift Expert

Mike, like, was born and raised in Chicago. He's been with Groupon's customer service department since the fall of 2012. If he's not at his desk, he can usually be found working and gleefully overeating at Hello Food, Groupon's AMAZING in-house cafeteria. Mike is an actor in Chicago's vibrant Storefront Theatre scene and can be seen in a number of different commercials across the Midwest where those years of theatre school REALLY pay off. He's also an avid runner and biker, and is a borderline-unhealthy Chicago Bears fanatic. Favorite gift ever: His ’88 Peugeot road bike nicknamed, "Baguette."