The Studio For Art and Craft

576 Main St Cobleskill, NY 12043


For years, Jacqui Hauser and Brian Kaiser had been making jewelry to sell at farmers’ markets and trade shows. Then in 2009, after finding some success on the crafting circuit, the pair opened The Studio for Art and Craft as a space where novices could create their own art. In fewer than three years, the studio has broadened its creative horizons by adding several crafting experiences for burgeoning and established artists to explore. At the pottery wheel, guests shape smooth, cool clay into a custom ceramic design, and drawing and painting stations offer up their paints and inks for colorful self-portraits. With chain mail and silver and bronze clay crafts, patrons can cobble together their own accessories rather than pilfering them from statues in the park. Classes and parties delve into the nuances of assembling baubles and lagniappes, while giving friends and family a chance to bond over their creative endeavors.

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