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Escape Room Near Me

Gamers and puzzle lovers are bringing escape rooms to life all over the country. These games are inspired by escape-the-room video games and entrepreneurs have created life-like games of their own. Trapped players use hints and clues, combined with strategy, to decipher the room’s secret. There are thousands of puzzle rooms located near you and across the globe — explore some today.

Entrance for Four or Six to the Primal Quest <strong>Escape</strong> Room at PanIQ <strong>Escape</strong> Room Washington DC (Up to 59% Off)
Up to 59% Off PanIQ Escape Room Washington DC

Use your smarts to put together clues that will lead to your freedom—if your team can solve them in the nick of time

Northwest Washington 24.6 mi
5,000+ bought
$119 $60
The Lost Temple <strong>Escape</strong>-Room Adventure for Two, Four, or Six at <strong>Escape</strong> Quest (Up to 32% Off)
Up to 32% Off at Escape Quest

Friends work together as a team to escape a room by solving puzzles as part of a teamwork adventure

Alexandria 28.6 mi
10,000+ bought
$68 $50
Private Room-<strong>Escape</strong> Game for Four, Five, or Six at Escapology (Up to 24% Off)
Up to 24% Off Private Room-Escape Game at Escapology

Players are locked in one of the themed rooms and have to find clues, solve puzzles, and pick locks in order to escape

Fair Oaks 14.6 mi
70+ bought
$130.76 $109
<strong>Escape</strong> Room Experience for Two, Four, Six, Eight, or Ten at <strong>Escape</strong> The Room DC (Up to 29% Off)
Escape Room Experience at Escape The Room DC

Participants race against the time to solve the puzzles and escape the room

DC 27.1 mi
1,000+ bought
$62.94 $45
<strong>Escape</strong> Room Admission for Two, Four, Six, or Eight at The Great Xcape (Up to 50% Off)
Up to 50% Off Escape Room Admission at The Great Xcape

Professional entertainment center offers a variety of attractions including escape room admissions

Manassas 18.6 mi
1,000+ bought
$60 $40
Admission for Two, Four, or Six at Rockville <strong>Escape</strong> Room (Up to 38% Off)
Up to 38% Off at Rockville Escape Room

Groups work together to solve clues against the clock in themed scenarios that include a pirate treasure game, a diamond heist, and more

Rockville Escape Room 18.4 mi
1,000+ bought
$58 $41
$4 for $30 Toward Either Monthly Candy Box Delivery Subscription or One-Time Gift Box from Candy Club
$30 Toward Monthly Candy Box Subscriptions from Candy Club

Sweet and sour treats fill six candy containers that are delivered right to your door each month

1,000+ bought
$30 $4
One- or Three-Month Cannabox Subscription from Cannabox (Up to 45% Off)
Up to 45% Off Cannabox Subscription from Cannabox

Subscribers receive a box containing various novelty items, such as rolling papers, t-shirts, books, and accessories, at their doorstep

5,000+ bought
$42 $23
Three- or Six-Month or Annual Subscription to EarFleek (Up to 45% Off)
Up to 45% Off EarFleek Subscription

Monthly earring subscription service delivering the latest styles and fashions to members which is limited to one per person for this deal

1,000+ bought
$10.47 $6
One Month Pet Subscription Box to PetBox (67% Off)
67% Off Pet Subscription to PetBox

Dogs and cats are treated to a monthly pet subscription box jam packed with innovative toys and irresistible premium ingredient treats

190+ bought
$29.99 $9.99
One-, Three-, or Six-Month Alpha Kit Gift Box Subscription from Dojabox (Up to 32% Off)
Up to 32% Off Smoking Accessories from Dojabox

Subscribers receive a monthly box filled with smoking accessories and essentials, as well as themed gifts such as bath bombs and face masks

640+ bought
$33.50 $25
Custom Kids Pillowcases from Monogram Online (Up to 75% Off)
Up to 75% Off Custom Kids Pillowcases

Soft, microfiber pillowcases feature a range of designs, including holiday and sports themes, and are personalized with initials or a name

25,000+ bought
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One-Month Self-Care Subscription from Therabox (17% Off)
17% Off Self-Care Subscription from Therabox

A monthly self care subscription box filled with over $100+ worth of self care wellness curated by therapists

420+ bought
$34.99 $29
Boys' Personalized Character Pillowcase (Up to 76% Off)
Boys' Personalized Character Pillowcase (Up to 76% Off)

Little kids will love these pillowcases, printed with their own name and featuring a pirate or superhero customized to look just like them

5,000+ bought
$19.99 $5
1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 Personalized Princess Pillowcases from Qualtry (Up to 84% Off)
Up to 84% Off Personalized Princess Pillowcases from Qualtry

Brighten up a young one’s living space with a personalized princess pillowcase

5,000+ bought
$24.99 $5

Here is what our customers had to say about escape games on Groupon:

★★★★★ 2019-02-10

"Had a wonderful time with my friends. The rooms were decorated really well, that as soon as we walked in, I was immersed in the story/situation. Anytime we were stuck, we had a radio to speak with one of the employees who would give us clues. I definitely will go back again.."-Melissa P.

★★★★★ 2019-02-05

"This was an amazing experience. I went with my husband, mom and sister. It's a great way to challenge your minds. We had a lot of fun and did two of the rooms. I would definitely do it again. 🙂 The staff was really nice and super helpful if we got stuck they would give us hints.we did one room and it took us over an hour and since there was no one after us she let us complete the escape room.."-Angela M.

★★★★★ 2019-03-03

"Well organized. Locks malfunctioned even though we finished the stage. Still able to get to the next stage of the puzzle and finish the game. Recommend!."-bill

★★★★★ 2018-12-21

"The room was clean and nicely set up. There wasn't a wait to get in (made an appointment) so we went to solving the puzzles right away. We were told the rules and given 3 hints that we could use at any time - it was a fun experience and I would go again. I wish there was some sort of background noise though! It was very quiet so things felt awkward at first lol."-Katana H.

★★★★★ 2018-11-13

"Ended up swapping from F.Square location to the Patchogue location to include a friend and they were very accommodating for other location selections and available. Location was clean and easy to get to. The room selected was very challenging...with the few friends I brought, I almost think another brain or two could have been helpful for the clock. :) The employees were very pleasant and approachable before and after. I would definitely do this again at this location or any of their others for something different on an event/adventure day/nigh out.."-Teresa L.

★★★★ 2019-02-01

"Enjoyable, fun for the whole family Wish that they would have let us work on things a bit longer before helping us First character actor that took us into the event was wonderful."-HD L.

★★★★ 2019-01-06

"This escape room is thankfully not scary but mysterious. I think some clues got lost in translation and in the darkness, so it was a challenge. However, there were some puzzles that were difficult and others more enjoyable. Improvements would include a waiting area (besides outside). It was still fun otherwise. I hear Chapter 2 room is even better, so I'd be interested in trying that one at some point. We didn't make it out (most don't), but we were close. It was definitely a challenge, since we normally escape.."-Annie L.

Best Escape & Puzzle Rooms Near Me

Feel the thrill and enjoy the mysteries of puzzle room near you. Escape rooms, when done right, are a fun team-building activity designed to help you work together and think critically. If your friends enjoy problem solving, thinking under pressure, and collaboration, then escape rooms may be your new favorite activity.

Just five years ago there were only 22 escape rooms in the country. Now there are over 2,000 and some iconic room escape games host thousands of visitors each year. With unique games in every city, now you can choose a kid-friendly escape room, pick a scary game, or find another fun theme.