Best Bakeries Near Me

Satisfy your pastry or bread fix with some great local flavors. Whether you’re in the market for sweet or savory, or you prefer sitting and enjoying your baked goods with a coffee, you’ll find something you like. Scroll down for the best deals on bakeries near you.

Here is what our customers had to say about bakeries on Groupon:

★★★★★ 2019-03-03

"Ran across Mel & Mias one day when I was having a nice Sunday drive. I'd already had lunch, but the food in the display cooler looked terrific. I did have a very good latte and planned to come back at another time. Kinda forgot about it until I saw the Groupon. Bought the Groupon yesterday and went to Mel & Mias this morning. I had the mascarpone filled crepe topped with strawberries and blueberries. YUM! As good as it looked in the display. A little out of the way, but worth the trip.."-Ron J.

★★★★ 2019-02-13

"Rosetta bakery has an amazing aroma emanating constantly that make you want to stop and check it out! All the bakery items look incredibly delicious. For my first time I had the raspberry croissant and an apple tart, both were delicious crafted with elegance. The only reason it isn’t a 5 star review was because of the employee who didn’t care to help, completely uninterested in customer service.."-Kevyn G.

★★★★★ 2019-03-04

"We have loved Flirt cupcakes since they opened and we were excited to try their variety pack again with Groupon and will continue to buy from their shop.."-Angela R.

★★★★★ 2019-02-27

"Smallcakes never disappoints! I can not sing their praises enough. Not only are they kind friendly, upbeat but they are humble as well! They give back to the community and do charity. Their cupcakes and ice cream are mouthwatering!! Their design team is creative, thorough, and the communication is phenomenal! If you haven't tried Smallcakes yet, do yourself a favor and pop in!!."-Laura J.

★★★★ 2015-01-22

"They have filipino food that my mom would cook and I usually come here for that reason. I recommend the Mung bean stew with garlic rice Other times would be to watch basketball games or a boxing match featuring Manny Pacquaio which will be done since he will probably retire soon. With every meal they give complimentary hot pandesal, which you spread butter on. They don't have drafts but they do have Redhorse and San Miguel bottle beers. And they serve Filipino breakfast all day!."-003marvinn

★★★★★ 2019-01-18

"Their apple pie cookies are outstanding! I didn't like the dark rum ball cakes but the light rum ball cakes are delicious. All will go great with a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea. Ordering is simple & they arrive securely & very fresh. Continue to participate in & get outstanding savings.."-Ruth

★★★★★ 2019-02-11

"Fresh Baklava made with only the finest ingredients. Pistachios, almonds, cashews and walnuts. Always buy the largest tray and take a killer assortment of baklava and we have never been disappointed by highest quality of goods. Lovely cookie collection available too. Everyone always looks forward to our bring along yummy desserts. Share the love take a tray of freshly baked baklava.."-yolanda d.

Nearby Bakeries

It’s time to carb up. If the aroma wasn’t enough to convince you from afar, you’ll think twice as you walk by the window and see what local bakers have been making. These spots in your area will have plenty of options. Plus, more and more, bakeries are beginning to include gluten-free or vegan baked goods too.

Maybe you’re looking for a tasty club sandwich with a salad for lunch, or perhaps you’ve saved just enough room after dinner for some cookies or sweet breads. There’s no wrong answer here! For more sandwich options, check out sandwiches near you.