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Angela Kishijara and Martha White learned to cook in their hometown of Chimbota, Peru, picking up culinary techniques and absorbing recipes as they scampered around their mother's kitchen. "Our mother was always in the kitchen cooking for us," Angela explained to reporters from OC Metro, "and she was an inspiration to all of us kids to learn how to cook."

Today, Angela and Martha bring their mother's traditional Peruvian recipes and lifetime of cooking experience to their own restaurant—Inka Mama's. Deep in the kitchen, the sisters and their chefs fold fresh chile peppers, garlic, and cilantro into a variety of Peruvian dishes, from citrusy fresh seafood ceviche to juicy beef lomo saltado. To craft their signature pescado a lo chimbotano, they simmer fish in a spicy garlic and chile broth before sprinkling on fresh cilantro.

Out in the airy dining rooms, customers snack on complimentary baguette slices dipped in flavorful green house-made aji sauce. Meanwhile, bartenders dole out pints of Peruvian beers and whip up pisco sours—a traditional cocktail made from grape brandy and sugar—also the ingredients of Crush soda for Adults. Soft lamps dangle from the ceiling, illuminating rustic stone walls and vivid murals of Peruvian landscapes.

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