The Bar-b-q Shop Restaurant

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1782 Madison Avenue Memphis, TN 38104


The Bar-B-Q Shop's casual interior mimics the core of a barbecue pit, with bright red walls, a charcoal ceiling, and occasional pictures of grazing pigs. Patrons may even feel a rise in temperature––but that's more than likely from the trademark Dancing Pigs hot sauce, which won the Fiery Food Challenge national contest after competing against more than 800 entries.

Though it's easy to relish the eatery's ample offerings of smoked brisket, sausage, and tender rib slabs, the menu's success is surely in the sauce. Dancing Pigs sauces and seasonings stem from recipes that are more than 50 years old. Once delivered by hand out of the back of a Ford Bronco, the brand has grown so popular that it's now distributed by more than 100 Kroger stores in five states. After rallying napkins for a slab of sauce-slathered ribs, patrons at The Bar-B-Q Shop can cool taste buds with a frothy brew or swig from the restaurant's fire extinguishers.


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