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Yaks make life in the Himalayas more bearable: they carry cargo through mountain passes, provide wool for cold-weather gear, and draw plows through the unforgiving earth. They also make some delicious dumplings. Known as momo, this delicacy is just one of the many found at Tibet Nepal House, where clouds of garlic, cumin, saffron, coriander, and cinnamon give life to 14 different vegetable curries, seafood stews, and hearty rice and noodle dishes. The kitchen's multitalented clay oven can slowly roast pieces of marinated lamb, turn Play-Doh currency into a reality, and bake loaves of dhopzi—traditional bread made from stone-ground whole-wheat flour. Diners enjoy their entrees with a selection from the variety of in-house wines or an Indian or Himalayan beer. Traditional teas stand ready to accompany any meal, with steaming cups flowing from pots including the herb-laced masala and the organic darjeeling. In addition to sating nighttime appetites, Tibet Nepal House hosts a champagne brunch on weekends and serves a lunch buffet throughout the week.

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