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8536 Patterson Ave Henrico, VA 23229


For eight years, Doctor of Chiropractic Michael Mulvaney ignored his chronic back pain and continued to play sports. He recalls a doctor once dismissing his nagging discomfort as “growing pains,” but his suffering persisted through his teenage years. When he reached college and a friend recommended that he visit a chiropractor, he jumped at the chance. Within three visits, he was pain-free.

This experience planted the seed that eventually grew into Dr. Mulvaney’s career as a chiropractor. Today, he helms Spinal Correction Center of Richmond, where he and his staff offer a combination of holistic chiropractic care and massage therapy. Dr. Mulvaney favors the Pettibon system of chiropractic care, which works to restore the spine’s natural curvature and normalize misalignments that may cause pain, stiffness, or unfair limbo advantages.

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