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      Up to 76% Off B12 or Lipotropic Injections

      The Sweat Shop LA


      B12 boosts energy and speeds metabolism, or lipotropic injections support the liver's fat-processing capabilities

      $200 $49

      Up to 67% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

      dr LASER

      Multiple Locations

      Laser light breaks up ink particles into fragments that bodies clear out naturally, causing tattoos to lighten significantly or disappear

      $300 $99

      67% for Liposuction at LABodySculpture



      Liposuction for the upper or lower abdomen, waist or flank, or upper or lower back

      $1,500 $499

      Up to 81% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatment

      Dr. Java Foot and Ankle Clinic

      Multiple Locations

      Laser kills foot fungus to allow healthy nails to grow out over the following months; noninvasive and pain-free procedure

      $800 $149

      Up to 67% Off B12 Injections

      Hollywood Walk-in Clinic


      Vitamin B12 injections may help boost metabolism levels and increase energy, which can help weight-loss efforts

      $75 $35

      Up to 83% Off Tattoo Removal at LaserAway


      Multiple Locations

      Licensed medical staff help rid body parts of unwanted tattoos with laser, while Zimmer Cryo 5 blows cool air to soothe skin

      $525 $119

      Up to 75% Off Toenail-Fungus Removal

      A Step Above Foot Care

      Carson Park

      In a one-hour appointment, medical staff use painless lasers to kill fungus, reduce discoloration, and kick-start healthy nail growth

      $350 $129

      Up to 67% Off CT Scans

      Cardiac Diagnostic and Wellness Imaging


      The scanning system snaps high-definition pictures, safely screening physiques for heart disease and issues affecting the lungs and torso

      $350 $129

      Up to 83% Off Laser Toe-Fungus Treatment

      Forever Young Aesthetic Center

      Temple City

      GenesisPlus laser treatment attacks fungal growths with lightwaves that heat and eliminate infections under the nail

      $900 $149

      62% Off Liposuction


      Sunset Medical Tower

      Liposuction whisks away fat deposits as the patient remains aware but comfortable listening to a favorite Pandora station

      $1,995 $750

      Up to 83% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Fardin Hakakian D.P.M.


      Board-certified podiatrist Dr. Fardin Hakakian uses laser light to destroy fungus in infected toenails

      $650 $129

      Up to 78% Off at WI-HO Laser Hair Removal

      WI-HO Laser Hair Removal

      Sherman Oaks

      Laser light penetrates infected toenails and destroys fungus

      $675 $199

      Up to 83% Off Laser Toe-Nail Fungus Removal Treatments

      Tower Foot & Ankle Surgery Inc.

      Los Angeles

      Noninvasive CoolBreeze CoolTouch laser treats fungal cells and preserves tissue and skin during 15- to 60-minute treatments with no downtime

      $150 $59

      62% Off Four-Week Weight-Loss Program

      Southern California Center for Anti-Aging


      Physician board-certified in bariatric medicine leads program with vitamin B12 injections, custom diet plan, and exercise tips

      $395 $149

      Up to 85% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

      Optimal Health & Wellness

      Monterey Park

      Vitamin B12 injections with methylcobalamin aim to accelerate metabolisms, kickstarting weight loss in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle

      $100 $25

      Up to 82% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

      Petra Medi Spa

      Multiple Locations

      Vitamin B12 injections may boost metabolism and energy, thus aiding weight-loss efforts

      $245 $49

      51% Off Age-Defying or Brightening Facial Treatment

      Beauty Secret 101

      South Pasadena

      Medical-grade facial treatments aimed at improving skin by reducing the appearance of acne, blemishes, and wrinkles

      $140 $69

      Up to 68% Off Laser Vein-Therapy Treatment

      Aesthetica Medi Spa


      CoolGlide lasers destroy unwanted veins, causing them to fade from view

      $250 $80

      Up to 61% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

      Skinny Me Med

      Van Nuys

      Vitamin B12 helps boost energy and metabolism to encourage bodies to burn fat

      $50 $25

      78% Off Spider-Vein Treatment

      RobertsonBLVD Medspa

      Mid-City West

      Practitioners inject unwanted veins with medicine designed to make them collapse and disappear

      $450 $99

      Up to 80% Off Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

      Laser Toenail Clinic


      Laser light penetrates infected toenails and destroys fungus, helping patients avoid dangerous medications

      $625 $199

      Up to 55% Off Laser Spider Vein Removal

      Hair Free Laser Center


      Laser energy is harnessed to reduce the appearance of spider veins

      $300 $139

      Up to 73% Off Liposuction

      Celebrating Women Center


      HD liposuction removes fat from troublesome areas including arms, back, and thighs

      $2,250 $750

      Up to 68% Off B12 Shots


      Studio City

      B12 shots are designed to supplement a diet with essential vitamins and nutrients, and can help with feelings of fatigue

      $120 $39

      Up to 62% Off Ultrasonic Face-Lift Treatments

      Best Face and Body

      Woodland Hills

      Ultrasound waves push nutrient serums deep into the skin while lifting and tightening the dermis

      $225 $99

      Up to 84% Off B12 Injections



      Vitamin B-12 boosts the healthy functioning of metabolisms and encourages a healthy nervous system

      $175 $39

      Up to 74% Off Microcurrent Facelifts

      Beautiful Image South Bay

      South Bay

      Microcurrent facelifts work to reduce signs of aging and acne while firming and lifting skin around the face

      $150 $39

      Up to 81% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatment

      Dr. Java Foot and Ankle Clinic

      Multiple Locations

      Laser kills foot fungus to allow healthy nails to grow out over the following months; noninvasive and pain-free procedure

      $800 $149

      63% Off Rhinoplasty

      Doheny Sunset Surgery Center

      West Hollywood

      Board-certified cosmetic surgeon with three decades of experience alters the shape of the nose during roughly one-hour procedure

      $8,000 $2,999

      Up to 72% Off Lipoplex Injections

      Fardin Hakakian D.P.M.


      Injections of B12 and amino acids increase energy and metabolism, reduce fat storage, and help clients lose fat and inches

      $105 $49

      Up to 87% Off B12 Injections

      Dr. Gold's Anti-Aging Clinic

      Multiple Locations

      Vitamin B12 injections increase energy and metabolism to help clients slim down

      $120 $25

      Up to 82% Off Laser Toe-Fungus Removal

      Dr. Frank Garofalo


      Laser light penetrates infected toenails and destroys fungus

      $900 $199

      Up to 66% Off a Titan Nonsurgical Face-Lift

      Dermatology and Laser Medical Center

      Multiple Locations

      Titan nonsurgical face-lift utilizes infrared light to stimulate collagen production, leaving skin tighter and younger looking

      $1,250 $499

      Half Off Blepharoplasty

      Doheny Sunset Surgery Center

      West Hollywood

      Board-certified cosmetic surgeon with three decades of experience lifts sagging or baggy skin around the eyes in roughly one-hour procedure

      $3,000 $1,499

      Up to 59% Off a Food-Sensitivity Test and Body Scan

      Healthee Life

      Mar Vista

      Nutritionist analyzes food irritants to help clients identify which edibles their bodies react to; InBody scan shows weight distribution

      $120 $49

      Up to 73% Off Skin-Tag Removal

      Daravadee Spa & Massage Therapy

      Daravadee Spa & Massage Therapy

      A very advanced radiofrequency treats for your condition. The purpose is to achieve the best cosmetic results possible.

      $150 $69

      Up to 78% Off Microcurrent Facial Packages

      Bliss on Broadway Spa & Boutique

      Belmont Heights

      Treatment uses electrical microcurrents and LED light to stoke circulation and collagen production without damaging tissue

      $225 $69

      45% Off Counseling


      Eastern Malibu

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $175 $96

      60% Off Allergy Elimination

      Orpelli Wellness Center

      Mid-City West

      A drugless, natural, noninvasive, and painless therapy may eradicate allergies

      $250 $99

      30% Off Breast Augmentation at Bellavita Center

      Bellavita Center

      Beverly Hills

      Doctor who trained at various prestigious medical schools performs breast augmentations; anesthesia included

      $7,800 $5,499

      Up to 59% Off Microcurrent Facials

      Fountain of Life Centre

      Manhattan Beach

      A low-level electric current stimulates muscles, addressing concerns such as fine lines, loose skin, or wrinkles

      $80 $36

      Up to 71% Off Therapy or Counseling

      Maggie Stoicof, M.S., MFTI #78743


      The therapist specializes in sessions for relationships, individuals, spouses, and families

      $80 $35

      35% Off Breast Augmentation

      Beverly Hills Institute of Plastic Surgery

      Multiple Locations

      Doctor who has worked at some of the top cosmetic-surgery hospitals performs breast augmentations; all costs included

      $8,000 $5,200

      Up to 82% Off B12 or Lipotropic Injections

      Dr. Matea: Naturopathy

      Beverly Hills

      Vitamin B12 and lipotropic injections boost healthy functioning of the metabolism and encourage a healthy nervous system

      $225 $49

      80% Off Noninvasive Microcurrent Facelift

      Lipo Light South Bay

      Lipo Light South Bay

      Microcurrent energy lifts drooping skin, plumps wrinkles, and makes skin look younger without surgery

      $175 $35

      Up to 65% Off Allergy or Pulmonary-Function Test

      Avi Ishaaya, MD


      Scratch tests check the body's reaction to foods or airborne allergens; pulmonary test helps find lung problems such as asthma or emphysema

      $250 $99

      Up to 97% Off Pain-Cure Treatments

      Pain Free Clinics

      Multiple Locations

      Noninvasive, drug-free treatments ease everything from back, neck, and chronic pain for most patients with a relatively high success rate

      $500 $19

      Up to 76% Off a Nonsurgical Face-Lift

      Three Rivers Day Spa

      Redondo Beach

      Nonsurgical face-lift rejuvenates skin using a combination of advanced treatments; a mask or photo facial help stimulate collagen production

      $250 $59