I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any limitations to this coupon? Is it for group classes? Private? Certain days or times..? Thanks!

Tawana B.

Hi Kelli

The coupon is only for group beginner mat pilates.

thanks! do you know the dates/times? Do you get to pick or is it predetermined?

Based on what I have found on the Body Endeavors website, there is one mat class for beginners on Tuesday evenings at 6:45.

They have a pretty handy online sing-up page for the classes that shows their schedule:


I have phoned the studio to clarify what the coupon is redeemable for and will post their response ASAP.

I just got off the phone with Melissa at Body Endeavors, and here is how the deal works.

The Groupon deal is redeemable for all Beginner and Beginner/Intermediate classes, so there are classes that we are eligible to sign up from Mon-Thurs evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings. You can view their future class schedule by clicking the “Book Online Now” link on their home page. I have some Pilates experience, so she said I could handle the Beg/Int class, but if you are a Pilates virgin, you may want to ease into it with the Beginner class on Tuesday evenings.

However, because they don’t have the ‘Groupon Deal’ in the online scheduling software as a form of payment, you have to call the studio to reserve a spot in the class. As part of the ‘Groupon Deal’ we will be emailed a discount authorization code next week and when we call to sign-up for the class, we tell the studio our discount code.

Melissa at the studio was very helpful, but it seemed like they were still trying to figure out how the Groupon deal would be managed paperwork-wise. She also indicated that they would be adding more classes – especially since over 200 of these Groupon dealies were ordered!

The phone number at the studio is (312) 202-0028.

Kelli H.

What about Int/Adv classes? I guess we would not be able to sign up for those?

How about Magic Circle Mat? It is open to all levels. Would we be able to take that?


Layne J.
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