Sara T.

I see that you must be 14 years or older, but all ages welcomed. Just to verify, does this mean a ticket for under 14 would still be $15?

To piggyback off Sara, what are all ages welcome to do? Are they allowed to participate in part of this? What do you have to be 14 for?


@Sara, @Jasmine- Sorry for the confusion! You must be 14 years old in order to belay. All ages are allowed to climb as long as a parent or guardian signs the release waiver. The $15 rate applies to everyone.

Stephanie- Groupon

Sally Z.

Your child has to be 14 years of age to “belay” another person. Both people are in harnesses – one person climbs and the other person “belays”…the belayer is on the other end of the climbers’ rope. The rope is attached to their harness. If the climber slips or falls, the belayer prevents them from getting injured. My family did it this past Friday night for the first time. The belaying is not hard, they just need to be 14. All ages can climb and they have a lot of different walls. The walls do not just go straight up either. Some of them jut out or go across the top.

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