Kelly D.

I’m not seeing clarification whether I can use this 6 times at one course or if it has to be used only once at all 6 courses. Please advise. Thanks!


Please let us know is this 6 rounds or 1 round at a choice of the six??

Kelly D.

LEE, This is definitely good for 6 rounds of golf, it just doesn’t specify if you have to go to all 6 courses or if you can choose to play 6x at the same one.

Kelly D.

Is anybody from Groupon going to answer our questions?

I’m not buying if I have to play once at all six courses. Some these courses are dogs (Columbus Park). Jackson and Marovitz are challenging. Black is good. Even SS is good. Forget the rest.

Jonathan D.

I would also like to know if the vouchers can all be used at one location. I don’t feel like driving all over the city to save a couple bucks!

Charles K.

Thanks for the questions.

The deal is valid for one round of golf at each course. The deal does represent a great savings – and an opportunity to see and experience each facility. If you have not played them in a while you may be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks and enjoy the golf.

Kelly D.

Bummer. I’m out. I only live a couple of blocks from Marovitz and don’t own a car, so this would be a huge pain in the ass.

Eli B.

Soooo do we get a free cart rental at each location? I’m going to say yes and buy it anyways.

Christopher P.

If you enjoy golf and live in the chicago land area it would be silly not to get this.

Would have bought this Groupon if you could use it at just one course. I live right across from Marovitz and could really use this, but not driving around town to save a couple bucks. Plus, the wording on this isn’t very clear so I’m guessing the attendants would screw it up because I STILL have problems using my Advantage card with them.

Sandra B.

I understand it’s for all six courses, but a round is 18 holes. Do we get to play the 9 hole courses twice the same day?

Steven C.

I don’t golf, but the description of this deal caught my eye. It is beautifully written. Thank you Mr. Clark!

kevin m.

CPD golf courses are half off after 1pm anyway. this is not a deal.

Laura P.

Beautifully written, Miss Clark!

Sandra B.

Reply to Kevin — this is like getting the cart for free.

Charles K.

Larry F.

We’re sorry you report having an issue with your Players Advantage Card. Please contact us at 312.742.7930 and ask for the Regional Manager. We’ll be sure to attend to any concern you have.

The wording is part of the Groupon template so we apologize for any confusion. The offer is simply one round w/cart at each course. Even though they are spread out the goal is to experience each one for an enjoyable round of golf. With such a great city, and diversity of courses it’s a good opportunity for players to perhaps find someplace they may normally not have visited – and perhaps even return.

Thank you your you patronage of Sydney Marovitz.

Matt Z.


Shows that walk or ride are the same price. It seems that you can play the other 5 courses for $90 and then whatever Marovitz is. So in reality, you are only saving about $10 plus tax, so $20 or so. Not bad, but not as advertised.

This is becoming too common with Groupon.

So to take full advantage of the groupon, you have to play at all six golf courses in ONE day?

Nicole F.

Nice work, Kelim! I <3 826CHI.


Looking forward to helping our guest find the ultimate gaming experience 6/29/11

Herve S.

Is it a motorized cart?

michael r.

can I use this for one foursome at Jackson park?

Dalia H.

What does this mean: Must redeem on first visit for course vouchers.

Charles K.

Dalia H,

When you make your first visit to any of the courses we’ll give you a certificate for the rest of the rounds. You redeem your Groupon voucher one time this way, and you’ll get our vouchers, one for each property, to redeem whenever you come to play.

Thanks for the question.

Once you present the groupon and obtain the vouchers, do they expire? Can some vouchers be saved for next summer? Thanks!

Sandra B.

Charles, you didn’t answer my question about whether we get to play 9 or 18 holes at the shorter courses.

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