Nicole c.

so if I buy this groupon, can I use it in the store to buy a gift to be delivered for my friends birthday? The store on 1261 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038? Please advise. Thanks. Also it’s just one per use visit right? Thanks!

Can you order over the phone and then pick up at the store?
Or do you have to show up at the store and then order there?

Can I use 2 groupons – assuming my friend buys the other and we combine for a sympathy gift?

Hi Everyone – Please let me know if you have any questions.

Nicole and Cynthia – While delivery is not included in the Groupon, you can make this arrangement separately. Verify delivery area coverage by calling the nearest participating store or visiting the website, and pay the $12 delivery fee separately. Or, you can pick-up in person for no cost.

Amy and Nicole – The limit is 1 Groupon per person, with 2 additional allowed for gifts. One Groupon can be used per arrangement, you cannot combine Groupons even if purchased separately.

Rodolfo – Place your order by calling or visiting the store for which you purchased the Groupon.


- Adriana from Groupon

Lisa S.

Can arrangements be purchased at the store for delivery in another state? Or just within the area that the store services?

Marjorie L.

I was so excited to see this and ready to buy but then I noticed that the stores right near me are not listed. The closest store on the list is 15 miles away. Does it HAVE to be one of those 18?

Hi Lisa – This Groupon is for pick-up, delivery is not included and not available in all areas.

You cannot purchase today’s Groupon for delivery in another state. Participating stores have their own nearby delivery areas. You need to verify coverage with the store you purchased the Groupon for by calling, visiting in person, or checking the website.

Hi Marjorie – This Groupon is valid only for the 18 stores listed.


- Adriana from Groupon

Andrea H.

Is the Culver City store included in today’s deal?

Ana T.

hi i didn’t really understand how groupon works… does this mean that if i buy $20 worth of this group, i can order that is worth $40?

Ana, you are basically buying a $40 gift cert for the price of $20 to be used only at the specific locations.
The groupon part of this website is that the deal is only good if a lot of people respond. I have never seen a deal not become good. They offer such great deals most are already above the goal amount of people before I even wake up.
Hope this helps.

Hi Andrea – Culver City is not participating in today’s Groupon.

Hi Ana – You pay $20 for a Groupon voucher that is worth $40 at Edible Arrangements. Choose One of Eighteen Locations.


-Adriana from Groupon

Olusola O.

Does this particular groupon have a limit that it can’t be used until a day later? I’d love to send someone one of these today since it’s their birthday but I know some groupons have the one day restriction.

Hi Daris – Groupons purchased today will not be available for use until tomorrow.


-Adriana from Groupon

yekaterina m.

Hi, it sais "Must use in 1 visit " so if i buy one for myself and one as a gift, doesn’t that mean that I and the person who receives the gift need to go to the store at the same time to do the purchase?

Laureicia B.

Hi, is it one per person per city? One per person per store? How does the one per person limit work when you have 18 different locations available?

jenna p.

So if I buy (2) White and Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries that are $32, = $64 for 2 of them – do I get $40 off the order? Please explain more how the coupon works if I buy more than 1 item. Thanks

This sounds like a GREAT deal. But I live in the SCV area and none of the 18 stores are in that area. And it doesn’t sound like you can use this for an online purshase. I was so excited and now not so much.

Hi Yekaterina – Each individual Groupon must be used in 1 visit, but if you give one as a gift you do not need to go together.

Hi Laureicia – It is 1 per person, 2 as gifts, all together regardless of the stores. So if you want to buy three in total for three different locations, that’s fine. Or two at one location and a third for another location, etc.

Hi Jenna – The value of $40 can be applied to multiple or larger arrangements in one visit. Any dollar amounts over the $40 can be paid in cash, so yes you can buy those 2 and get $40 off the total. But you cannot combine more than one Groupon in one visit.

Hi Andy – No, the $40 value cannot be used towards shipping even for smaller arrangements.


Adriana from Groupon

edith d.


Hi Everyone – Here is the Fine Print: Limit 1/person, may buy 2 as gifts. Valid only at store purchased. Must use in 1 visit, no cash back. Delivery not included & not in all areas. Not valid online or at call center. Not valid 12/20-12/25. Tax not included. Not valid w/other offers.

Hi Edith – There is a limit of 1 Groupon per person and 2 Groupons can be purchased as gifts for others. There is no minimum at Edibles to use the Groupon- you just buy the Groupon for $20 and have a value of $40 at Edible Arrangements.

For more expensive items or anything over the $40, pay the difference direct to the store. You must use the $40 in one visit, there is no cash back if the item is less than $40. Stores deliver to specific areas only – call the store or go online and enter zip code for the coverage areas. You can place your order over the phone or in person.


Adriana from Groupon

I called Studio City EA and they told me the coupon won’t be effective til Monday, the 8th. Your website say’s the coupon is good the day after purchase. So who’s right? I want to use my coupon tomorrow, the 7th. Please advise.

Hi Yuki – Groupons are good the day after purchase. If you purchase today you can use tomorrow, if you purchase tomorrow you can use starting Monday. I spoke with Studio City and we are all in agreement.


- Adriana with Groupon

Hi James – You’ll need to call an Edible Arrangements store for those questions.


- Adriana with Groupon

Hi. Just a quick question. I live in NY and would like to use this Groupon to send an Edible Arrangement to someone who lives close to one of the participating locations in Los Angeles. Will I be able to use this Groupon on their website?

Thank you!

Hi Monica – You cannot order online for this Groupon. You can enter the delivery zip code online and verify which stores deliver where, but you must place your order for this Groupon in-person or over the phone with the store you purchase the the voucher for.


Adriana from Groupon


i bought this groupon and the location i used it at refused to redeem it for the $40 value. they confirmed over the phone that they would honor the groupon when i placed my order. but when i arrived to pick it up, i was told that it was $20 off a $40 minimum purchase. i ordered a $75 arrangement for a birthday party and they would only discount the arrangement $20, which was what i paid for the groupon. i argued how that made no sense at all, why would i pay groupon $20 to get $20 off an arrangement, there is no savings in it at all. their argument was that it put me on a list to receive a $20 savings in the store. its false advertising, i feel cheated, and i’m very dissatisfied with my first groupon purchase

Hi Kim – I’m very sorry for the confusion and your trouble. You are correct, the Groupon is $20 for $40 in value at Edible Arrangements. Please email support@groupon.com asap with the details and we’ll fix the situation.

Thank you,

Jaclyn R.

I am wondering, may we purchase chocolate dipped fruit in a box as well? Or do we need to purchase arrangements?

Hi Jaclyn- You can purchase arrangements or a box- whatever you’d like!


Adriana from Groupon

Beth B.

I bought this groupon and found out that $40 gets me an arrangement that is for ONE person! I think that is outrageous and misrepresenting based on the photo. I feel very misrepresented and feel this is not a fair groupon.

Catherine C.

The Wilshire store – the location for which I purchased my Groupon – seems to have gone out of business. They do not answer their phone, and are no longer listed on the Edible Arrangements site.

Hi Catherine- We are looking into this now. Please email Groupon’s Customer Service at support@groupon.com and they will take care of this for you.

Thank you!

Adriana from Groupon

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